July 29, 2016

Why CarDeals Newsletter?

Rebates and secret dealer incentive programs can save you a lot of money on your new car purchase. CarDeals arms you with all the facts on currently available programs, allowing you to be fully informed (and fully armed) in for your new car price negotiations.

CarDeals makes you a savvy new car shopper.
Auto Rebates & Incentives

A bi-weekly newsletter detailing auto rebate and incentive programs offered by the major auto manufacturers.

Current Issue Date - 07/26/16
(updated every two weeks)

Secret Dealer Incentives

Manufacturer-to-Dealer Incentives

Many manufacturers periodically run factory-to-dealer cash incentive programs to encourage sales. These programs are usually "secret," unadvertised to the public.

The dealers can pass the cash along to the customer if they choose, or they can use it for advertising, employee rewards, or just pocket it as profit.

In negotiating with a dealer, it will help you to know if the dealer has this "secret" incentive cash available for additional discounts to you.

Latest Rebates

Manufacturer-to-Customer Rebates

Car makers sometimes offer rebates directly to the customer. You can get the rebate as a check in the mail after you purchase or you can have the dealer credit your rebate immediately as a discount to reduce the sales price of your car (and thus the amount of sales tax you'll pay).

CarDeals covers the following vehicles:

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• Compact cars
• Sport/Utility vehicles
• Small vans
• Pickup trucks
• Sporty cars
• Midsize cars
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