February 12, 2016
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What Online Buying Services Don’t Tell You

There are several commercial, for-profit, online buying services that you may encounter through advertising on the Web, in newspapers, on television, or as member benefits of some organizations. These services, such as Autobytel, AutoVantage, CarPoint, and others are simply referring your name to a dealer who is paying for the referral.

Dealers that pay to be a part of these services are under no obligation to give the customer the best price on the car they wish to purchase. In fact, the agreement between the dealer and the buying service seldom mentions price at all, except the amount that the dealer will pay the buying service for each referral.

With these online buying services, the customer is simply handed over to the dealer, much the same as walking into the showroom yourself. Where is the motivation to deliver the best price in this arrangement? How will the consumer avoid the usual car-buying pitfalls like dealer add-ons, gamesmanship with rebates and incentives, inflated document fees, and other sales tricks?

CarBargains is different.

  • CarBargains accepts no fees from dealers.
  • CarBargains will include or exclude any dealer in your area, at your choice.
  • CarBargains details every element of your price. You know to the penny what your vehicle will cost at every bidding dealership, before you call them.
  • Manufacturer-to-Customer rebates are never automatically subtracted from your CarBargains bids. You choose whether to use the rebate to lower your purchase price even more, or pocket the extra cash.
  • CarBargains is the only service that conducts a free and open competitive bidding process among at least five dealers closest to you, using competition to produce the best price on your new car purchase.
  • CarBargains works only for the CarBargains consumer, is paid only by the CarBargains consumer, and is dedicated to serving the CarBargains consumer - not dealers or advertisers.
  • CarBargains guarantees its work. If you are able to buy a car at a price lower than the best quote included in our report in the same bidding area and time period without using our information for leverage, we will gladly refund our entire fee, with proof of your vehicle purchase at a lower price.
Before you get swayed by the promises of the "free" commercial buying services, ask yourself some basic questions.
  • How is this different than my visiting a dealer on my own?
  • What about this service guarantees me a good price?
  • Who’s really paying the price for this "free" service?
  • Is this service generating competitive prices through an open bidding system?
  • Am I really in consumer friendly hands?

We think that after considering these questions, CarBargains is a very compelling choice. We hope you agree.