February 9, 2016
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Before you place your order with CarBargains we strongly suggest that you take the time to read our full CarBargains Brochure. The following are answers to typical CarBargains’ customer questions. Please read.

Q: How long will it take to get my report?

A: Typical turnaround time is 2 weeks but time varies based on demand. Allow 2-3 additional days for mailing of the report.

Q: Who are the dealers that bid?

A: CarBargains contacts at least the five closest dealers to you based on your zipcode.

Q: What if I want dealers in another area bid, or don’t want to deal with a specific dealer?

A: Call us at 800-475-7283 and place your order directly with one of the CarBargains representatives so that these specialized needs can be dealt with.

Q: Why don’t you need to know options?

A: CarBargains bids are solicited as markups or markdowns from total invoice cost. So the bids are applicable to any option configuration on the car. For example:

Dealer A bids $100 over invoice cost - If the vehicle you wished to purchase had few options and an invoice cost of $20,000 - the bid would produce a price of $20,100. If the vehicle you desired had many options and had an invoice cost of $22,000, the same bid would produce a price of $22,100.

In either case, the options are being factored in based on their invoice cost, not their sticker price.

In some cases, particularly on high-end luxury cars, dealers place bid as markdowns from MSRP. The bids are still applicable to any configuration of options but, in these few cases, options are being factored in based on their sticker price.

Q: What about dealer installed options that don’t have invoice costs?

A: Some makes, most noticeably Honda and Acura, do not specify invoice costs for common options. They allow the dealers to install the options and charge what they wish. In these cases we will need to know what dealer installed options you might be considering. Getting a bid on them doesn’t mean you have to get a vehicle with those options on it, but does give you a firm price should you decide to get any of the options that were bid.

This is why we must have a valid daytime phone number, should such vehicle- or make-specific questions arise.

Q: How will I receive my report?

A: Due to the length of the report, reports ordered online may be sent by email, US mail, or UPS 2nd Day, depending on your location. You may specify your desired delivery method at the time of you order. Should you be in a rush, call us at 800-475-7283 and place your order directly with one of the CarBargains representatives.

Q: What is your guarantee?

A: If you are able to buy a car at a price lower than the best quote included in our report in the same bidding area and time period without using our information, we will gladly refund our entire fee, with proof of purchase.