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Hospital Ratings
Which Hospital Should You Choose (or Avoid)?
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Choosing a good hospital can be a life and death decision. Our ratings of U.S. hospitals reveal that, for the same procedures, some hospitals have far fewer deaths and complications than others.

Our ratings of hospitals will help you choose the best hospital for your case.


Our guide provides:

A comparison of hospitals' death and "adverse outcome" rates for major types of cases.
Assessments of whether the hospitals consistently provide proper tests and procedures.
Ratings from patients.
Ratings of hospitals on key patient safety measures.
Doctors' ratings of hospitals.

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What makes our guide to hospitals special?
We've got more than 30 million answers to that question. That's how many hospital records sifted through to calculate risk-adjusted death rates and adverse-outcome rates, and that's just part of the data we used to rate hospitals. We also surveyed physicians, asking them to rate their local hospitals; checked ratings of the hospitals by surveyed consumers; checked which hospitals were providing recommended tests and procedures for patients with specified medical problems; checked hospitals' ratings for key patient safety measures; and more.

Guide to Hospitals
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