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How many responses were received?

The total number of survey responses received was 24,643 in the Denver area, for an average of 51 returned per doctor; was 43,863 in the Kansas City area, for an average of 62 returned per doctor; was 23,612 in the Memphis area, for an average of 54 returned per doctor; and was 48,014 in the New York area, for an average of 51 per doctor. This represents a gross response rate of about 36.2 percent in the Denver area, about 42.5 percent in the Kansas City area, about 37.1 percent in the Memphis area, and about 32.7 percent in the New York area. Of these, CHECKBOOK/CSS did not consider some of the responses complete and usable because the respondent failed to confirm on Question 1 of the survey that he or she had had a visit with the doctor named on the survey in the past 12 months. The number of surveys CHECKBOOK/CSS considered complete, and that were used in the analysis that is the basis for each doctor's Survey Results Report, averaged 48.6 in the Denver area, 58.5 in the Kansas City area, 51.6 in the Memphis area, and 49.5 in the New York area.

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09:56 AM
Dr. Gupta's office's front desk people do not know what they are doing. I made an appointment and I was given for 30th Aug at 6PM, then I called on 29th Aug to change it at earlier time, when I went there I was told He does not sit in this office on Tuesdays.This is so ridiculas , one hand does not what other hand is doing. I am so dissapointed.


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