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Cooks Collision of Claremont received 33 consumer ratings from Consumers' CHECKBOOK and Consumer Reports subscribers.

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100% 100%
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84% 84%
Cooks Collision of Claremont : Find out at CHECKBOOK
Area's lowest-rated auto body shop:
43% 43%
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Cooks Collision of Claremont
2935 Claremont Ave
Berkeley, CA
Phone: 510-848-2702

I always use CHECKBOOK before choosing a service company...no more lousy-service hassle, no more wasted money...
"I always use CHECKBOOK before choosing a service company...no more lousy-service hassle, no more wasted money..."
- Linda Miner

What can Consumers' CHECKBOOK tell you about Cooks Collision of Claremont?
Number of customer survey ratings for Cooks Collision of Claremont: 33 ratings
What percent of customers rated firm "superior" for "overall performance/quality"?
What percent of customers rated firm "superior" for "doing work properly"?
What percent of customers rated firm "superior" for "starting and completing work promptly"?
What percent of customers rated firm "superior" for "letting you know cost early"?
What percent of customers rated firm "superior" for "advice on service options and costs"?
What percent of customers rated firm "adequate" or "superior" for "overall performance/quality"?
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Complaint rate:
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Complaint rate:
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Firm's record with Better Business Bureau:
How did the prices at Cooks Collision of Claremont compare to the average body shop's prices?
Firm's hourly labor rate for body repair work:

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