Consumers Checkbook What Patients Say About Their Doctors
Would you like to know what thousands of surveyed patients say about their experience of care with doctors you might use for your care?

CHECKBOOK.ORG/PatientCentral will tell you what patients have said about
Dr. Natalie Key
and hundreds of other Kansas City area doctors.

Click here for free access to patients' ratings and reports on physicians they have used -- at
Consumers' CHECKBOOK's Patient Central website. will tell you what patients have said about Dr. Natalie Key and hundreds of other doctors--

  • How well the doctor communicates
  • How easy it is to get appointments and needed care
  • Helpfulness of the doctor's office staff
  • Much more information

Consumers' CHECKBOOK/Center for the Study of Services (CHECKBOOK/CSS), an independent, non-profit consumer organization, surveyed patients of each doctor, including Dr. Natalie Key. The survey was conducted completely independently of the doctors, using survey questions and procedures endorsed by the National Quality Forum.

Unlike much of what you might see on the Internet, the doctor ratings on this website are based on enough completed surveys to be reliable-usually responses from more than 45 of each doctor's actual patients.

We hope this survey will help patients choose doctors, and that it will help patients talk with their doctor about ways in which they might like their doctor to interact with them differently. We hope the survey will encourage and guide doctors to improve their interactions with patients.

Was Dr. Natalie Key rated better than average?

Dr. Key's Specialty(ies)
  • Internal Medicine
Dr. Key's Office
4321 Washington Ste 3000
Kansas City, MO 64111
Phone: 816-932-3100
Dr. Key's Medical School
U of Missouri

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