For more than 20 years, LeaseWise has saved consumers hundreds of
dollars—sometimes thousands of dollars—on their new-car leases.

With our nonprofit new-car shopping service:

  • Our expert staff collects bids from at least five dealers in your area.
  • Because we force dealers to compete for your business, you will get the best possible deal.
  • Bypass hassles and high-pressure sales tactics.
  • Avoid the need to negotiate.
  • Eliminate last-minute surprise fees.
  • Know what your lease contract really says.
  • No conflicts of interest. Our focus is on only you. Unlike most other shopping services, LeaseWise accepts no kick-backs from dealers and is in no way affiliated with any group of dealers.
  • We deliver real price quotes. Each of our customer's orders are competitively bid on from dealers near you and we obtain written confirmation from the lowest bidders.
  • You'll have our nonprofit consumer organization and expert staff with you and on your side throughout the purchase process.

How much can you save?

Since we began offering our LeaseWise by CarBargains service, we consistently have provided dramatic savings:

  • Mercedes S Series three-year lease: Savings from low to high bid—$2853
  • Chevy Tahoe two-year lease: Savings from low to high bid—$2620
  • Lexus LS Series three-year lease: Savings from low to high bid—$5036
  • Ford Explorer three-year lease: Savings from low to high bid—$3842
  • Nissan Pathfinder four-year lease: Savings from low to high bid—$2093

LeaseWise by CarBargains is a service of the nonprofit Consumers' Checkbook, a consumer organization established in 1974 that is dedicated to providing objective, independent, expert information and services to help consumers make better decisions.