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Ready to Join a Gym? Read This Before You Sign on the Dotted Line. (January 5, 2016)
It is that time again—people are bidding farewell to the annual holiday-season indulgence and getting ready to shape up for the New Year. The first step for many consumers is...Read More

Getting Good Tree Care Service (April 24, 2015)
Trees: They provide beauty and shade but sometimes cause stress and expense. At some point, most homeowners will need...Read More

Winterizing Your Home (October 23, 2014)
When the hats, gloves and scarves come out of storage, it's time to make sure your home is ready for the cold weather. Careful preparation and planning will help ensure your abode weathers the winter months without a hitch, protecting you from headaches and...Read More

CHECKBOOK’s Obamacare Fix—Help Spread the Word (February 19, 2014)
Now that most of the Health Insurance Marketplaces (Exchanges) are running more smoothly, it's time...Read More

Quality Is No Accident (August 9, 2013)
When your vehicle suffers damage from...Read More

Rolling Out the Tips to Carpet Buying Success (July 24, 2013)
Every carpet eventually succumbs to wear and tear, and...Read More

Making a Smooth Move (June 27, 2013)
Summer's in full swing— time for BBQs, vacations, and...Read More

Get Road-Trip Ready (June 27, 2013)
If you summertime plans have you embarking on a road trip...Read More

Primary Care Doctors (January 15, 2013)
The most important way to ensure you get high-quality health care is to...Read More

Joining a Gym (January 3, 2013)
It is that time again—people are bidding farewell to the annual holiday-season indulgence and getting ready to...Read More

Consumer Resolutions (January 2, 2013)
It's resolution-making time, and along with working out more, getting organized or quitting smoking, why not resolve to be a smarter consumer in 2013? Consumers' CHECKBOOK has compiled some tips to help save you time, money and headaches in the new year...Read More

Gift Card Tips and Many Happy Returns (December 20, 2012)
Did Santa (or someone else) give you... Read More

Holiday Road Trip Prep (December 20, 2012)
In the next week, millions of Americans will hit the highway... Read More

Just Say 'No' to Extended Warranties (September 14, 2012)
About a year after buying a flat-screen TV... Read More

Protecting Your Children from Identity Theft (August 30, 2012)
With more than 11 million consumers victimized in 2011, identity theft is one of the... Read More

Healthy Advice about Hospitals (August 1, 2012)
Selecting a hospital can literally be a life and death decision, as demonstrated in the... Read More

Handy Advice for Handyperson Services (July 23, 2012)
Does it seem like you always have at least five things in your home that need to be repaired?...Read More

Tips on Gutter Cleaning (July 23, 2012)
Cleaning your home's gutters is a messy job, but someone undoubtedly should do it: stopped-up gutters can cause... Read More

Ten Tips on Repainting a Room (June 28, 2012)
You could hire a contractor to handle a small job, though brightening one room with a fresh coat of paint is a... Read More

A Primer on Housepainters (June 28, 2012)
Painting is the easiest way to upgrade a home's look, inside or out. But despite modern formulations... Read More

Website Steers Drivers Toward Cheaper Parking Options (June 8, 2012)
When you're in an area where you have to pay to park, do you often... Read More

Hot Tips on Air-Conditioning Repair (May 29, 2012)
If you can't stand the heat … .Read More

Garden Nurseries (April 6, 2012)
Spring has sprung, and people everywhere are preparing their gardens, filling their flower boxes, and...Read More

Spring Cleaning (March 22, 2012)
There are many reasons to look forward to spring—more daylight, warmer weather, and flowers in bloom. And what about...Read More

How Safe Are Your Passwords? (February 29, 2012)
Is your favorite password secure? Could a hacker quickly crack it? For most of us, the answers... Read More

Personal Finances: Why You Need a Paper Trail for Online Accounts (January 27, 2012)
The convenience you get from online banking and paperless financial statements can lead to an enormous inconvenience for... Read More

Should You Pay Extra for Insurance on Your Rental Car? (January 10, 2012)
When you go to pick up a rental car, do you brace yourself for "The Questions"?... Read More

Holiday Gift Card and Returns Tips (December 27, 2011)
Do you have a shiny new gift card burning a hole in your pocket? How about a tacky sweater you can't wait to swap for something else?...Read More

Holiday Carpet Cleaning (December 23, 2011)
Holiday Guests Bring Cheer, But Can Leave Carpet In Need of Professional Help...Read More

Tire Stores (December 1, 2011)
It isn't an event most people look forward to, but it could potentially save your life. Picking the right tires, maintaining them properly, and replacing them when needed will also likely...Read More

Dog Grooming (September 21, 2011)
Does Rover need a do-over? Is Fifi a bit shaggy? Has Old Yeller smelled better? The family's best friend needs constant care, and part of the chore is making sure he or she is well-groomed.Read More

Home Security (July 27, 2011)
Anybody Home? For Security's Sake, Keep Up Appearances While You're Away...Read More

Checking Changes (Jan 14, 2011)
You may have heard that some of the nation's largest banks, such as Bank of America and Wells Fargo, plan to do away with no-fee checking accounts in the near future, if they haven't already. If you already pay a monthly service fee...Read More

Winterizing Your Home (Dec 16, 2010)
When the hats, gloves and scarves come out of storage, it's time to make sure your home is ready for the cold weather. Careful preparation and planning will help ensure your abode weathers the winter months without a hitch, protecting you from headaches and...Read More

Kennels (May 25, 2010)
Taking your pet to the kennel can be a stressful experience for you and your animal, and paying too much can make it even worse: CHECKBOOK found kennel-to-kennel rate differences of up to $300...Read More

Grocery Costs (May 17, 2010)
With food prices a constant in most consumers' lives, implementing simple saving strategies at the grocery store can have a significant effect on a monthly budget. Consumers' CHECKBOOK and have put together a number of effective dollar-stretching tips...Read More

Vacation Lodging Options (May 10, 2010)
Want to have a beautiful house or apartment of your own waiting for you at your travel destination—in Paris; Ho Chi Minh City; Queenstown, New Zealand; Taos, New Mexico; and hundreds of other places...Read More

Vampire Wall Warts (Apr 22, 2010)
Over the past couple years, you may have read about electricity "vampires"—appliances, home electronics, battery chargers, and power adapters—that use electricity even when you’re not using them. At one point, the U.S. Department of Energy estimated...Read More

Rental Car Insurance (Apr 1, 2010)
You are picking up your vehicle at the car rental counter and you are invited—perhaps exhorted—to sign up for extra insurance coverages. Do you stand tough and decline the offer—then wonder later...Read More

Credit Score Surprises (Mar 24, 2010)
You need to know the status of your credit record—and of your "credit score," which is used by many lenders as a summary of much of the information in your credit record...Read More

Reduce Telephone and Mail Solicitations (Mar 11, 2010)
Tired of dinner interruptions from telemarketers? Is your trash can about to break from the load of unwanted mail you throw away? It seems there's almost no way to entirely avoid unsolicited sales pitches, but there are ways...Read More

Census Safety Tips (Feb 25, 2010)
It's that time of decade again. The 2010 census preparations are officially in progress. The U.S. Census Bureau last week launched a major advertising blitz to educate people about the census, and according to the Census Bureau, Americans will begin receiving census forms by mail...Read More

How to buy Flowers (Feb 9, 2010)
Flowers make a great Valentine's Day present, and knowing you found the best of the bunch for your loved one can make the gift even better. A few tips are below. Consumers' CHECKBOOK can guide you through the sometimes thorny task of choosing a top-notch floral arrangement...Read More

How much to Tip (Feb 2, 2010)
Should it be 15 percent, 20 percent, more, less? What's the right tip, and why? Some consumers resent the concept of tipping, and wish restaurants, salons, hotels, and other establishments would set fair prices and pay workers a fair wage to eliminate the need to tip. Others like the...Read More

Cheap Hotels (Jan 27, 2010)
How much would you be willing to pay, per-night, for a room at a four- or five-star hotel in Seattle? How about $67? Does that seem fair?...Read More

Health Club Tips (Jan 20, 2010)
Consider whether you can get the exercise you want less expensively some other way—for example, by doing push-ups, sit-ups, and running on your own; by joining a sports team; or by using a government ...Read More