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Sep 08, 2015
I can't say enough good things about Michael Whelan and his team at Live Green. We hired them to do energy improvements on our home, including sealing in our basement, insulation installation in our attic and weatherproofing of doors and they did that and more. They completed the job on time and on budget, and they were a pleasure to be around. And when they discovered a GIANT bee's nest in the crawl space above my 18-mo-old daughter's room upon opening the ceiling to spray the insulation, they consulted me on the issue and, before I could even contact an exterminator, had removed the nest and all of the remaining bees. To say they went above and beyond is an understatement. Finally, their work secured us with a 30% improvement on our energy leakage, which meant that we were eligible for a 50% rebate from Pepco. I'm a happy customer!
Consumer from WASHINGTON, DC
Jun 28, 2015
If you want to hire the best, retain the services of Live Green LLC and Michael Whelan and look no further. I include below a warning, and explanation, regarding the serious damage that can be done to your house if you simply hire the low priced competition.

I utilized LiveGreen and Michael Whelan in a consulting role, regarding energy efficiency improvements to my home. At the time, rebates were offered through a District program for insulation and air sealing. Live Green was retained by the District program as a consultant to provide energy coaching to homeowners who had an energy audit through the program and to review the insulation work of other contractors, after the work was completed, and before the rebates would be paid.

The key issue in the installation of blown-in insulation is the location of the vents in the soffits and eaves, and to prevent blown-in insulation from clogging those vents — which will absolutely happen with blown-in insulation unless steps are taken to prevent it. The vents perform a critical function by allowing a free flow of air which lengthens the life of your roof, and prevents the formation of ice dams in the winter. The vents also prevent the growth of mold in your attic. Four different insulation companies gave me four different answers as to whether I even have such vents, and if so where they are. I contacted the District program, and insisted that the program provide the consulting service that they claimed to offer, in order to resolve this mystery and the conflicting information I had received.

The consultant who arrived was Michael Whelan. For the first time I received a clear and accurate description of how my home was constructed and where the vents were located. Whelan identified other issues that had to be avoided when insulation was blown in; how a job should be done if it was done properly; and how my garage ceiling could be dense-packed with insulation to help heat bedrooms above the garage. It was immediately obvious to me that I needed to hire Whelan to install the insulation. Unfortunately, I was told that I couldn’t retain Michael Whelan to install insulation in my home, as that would have been a conflict of interest, as Whelan couldn't both do the work and review his own work for the payment of rebates. I therefore can't personally speak to an insulation job done by Whelan, but I have no doubt that he would do an outstanding job, and represents the very best of his industry in the greater Washington DC Metro area.

After the insulation was blown in, I installed a new roof and shingles. As part of that the roofer discovered that all of the plywood across the front of my house was rotten and had to be replaced, probably due to ice dams in the winter. The removal of the plywood allowed me to physically verify where the vents were, and verify that Whelan had explained it correctly from the start, and that all of the other insulation companies had been either partially wrong or completely wrong.

If you have an older home, and the location of vents and other issues is not immediately apparent, you must be very cautious in order to avoid damage to your home caused by blown-in insulation blocking the vents. Therefore, spend the extra money if necessary and hire a company who will do the job right, and protect your home, since that is what insulation and air sealing is intended to accomplish in the first place.

That company is Live Green.
Consumer from BETHESDA, MD
Feb 04, 2015
Very considerate and respectful of home interior. I found Live Green to be easy to work with on scheduling and the actual in home work. I recommend their service.

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