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Coleman & Laurienzo Builders

26212 Ridge Rd
Damascus, MD 20872301-253-9616



Consumer Comments for Coleman & Laurienzo Builders

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Consumer from GAITHERSBURG, MD
Oct 17, 2017
Not Recommended
Issue 1 – Excessive Moisture in Crawlspace
The moisture in there was so great that some of the batt insulation has fallen down. There may be a slight amount of mold on the joist.
I have tried to remedy the problem the best I can by:
•   Ensured proper drainage of water away from house by diverting downspout water away with the use of drainage pipes
•   I installed a crawlspace vent fan.
•   Above ground, water diverting tactics.

Ultimately, a water resistant coating on the outside of the cinder block foundation most likely would have stopped any water intrusion. The best time to have done this would been at the begging stages of foundation work. Now it is more difficult to waterproof. I recognize this is not required by construction code, but it would have been a good practice.

Issue 2 – Inadequate insulation around exterior of bookcase, where the old fireplace was located.

Issue 3 – Connection and Routing of Dryer Duct
During the construction phase, your workers did not connect the duct work to properly vent the dryer. The dryer was used many times before I caught that issue, near the end of construction. Because the area to work in was tight, I distinctly remember the worker squabbling over who was going to do the work(make the connection). The vent duct was already lengthy and not the best quality; the addition made the existing vent duct run even longer. Between the existing subpar duct and additional length, the venting continuously clogged. Me and my wife analyzed the situation and came up with a much shorter routing. We make the fix ourselves. Here, better judgment from your team should have recognize the existing duct was going to be an issue. Would have been worth extra cost.
Consumer from GAITHERSBURG, MD
Jun 19, 2017
Not Recommended
Consumer from BROOKEVILLE, MD
Jun 10, 2011
In Sept of 2009 we contracted with Coleman and Laurienzo to build a 247 square foot addition and kitchen remodel. This project was a “custom” addition and not one of the firm’s “Classic Additions” that they are well known for. The price quoted was consistent with other bids, but their review on Checkbook is what made us decide to use them. This was our first time working with a contractor and our first involvement with “major construction”. Overall I am very satisfied with the end result. Also, at no time did I feel uncomfortable or worried about any of the crew or sub-contractors (I have heard construction horror stories from my co-workers). However, after working with this firm, If it were possible, I would have provided a mixed rating after what I perceived was a consistent lack of attention and quality control by my foreman and minimal follow-up after construction. However, since that choice is not available, I will recommend as I believe I do have a "solid" addition with very minimal issues even a year after the build.

Good points: The subcontractor that built the foundation was excellent. My addition had a crawl space and the contractor ensured a solid foundation.

This firm had an exceptional employee, Randy, that was meticulous. He was assigned to my project at the end to “finish” out the details. I felt as though this person cared about his work and treated any job as if he was working on his own home.

The plumbing contractor (JF Plumbing & Heating Inc) was good also. They really took the time to do a good job. I am completely satisfied with their work.

The foreman offered some great suggestions that created real detail in the room. At his suggestion I purchased a transom window and he also installed a nice skylight well to highlight the chandelier.

The stucco subcontractor was a true artist and perfectionist. His work was wonderful. I never knew that foam and Dryvit could form such detail.

After 12 months there was only minimal issues (few nail pops and a corner crack) to be remediated.

Missteps that brought their rating down: My project was 247 sq ft and I was paying approximately $281 per sq ft. Although I found that this fee was pretty typical for a company that builds and manages the project, I believed from the price my addition would have garnished more attention. My husband and I both work full time, thus the amount of time we have to monitor and scrutinize what is going on was minimal, so we needed a good foreman. But as the project unfolded, in reality the foreman did not spend much time on our project. In fact I felt that my project had taken a back seat to the firm’s other projects. At times, there were days on end where there was no action at all, although there was work to be done. I received an e-mail at one point where the office manager, stated “if you get your cabinets delivered we can have your kitchen up by Christmas.” This deadline was a little over a week away and no one had been to the house in days. Wood floors were not in, the transition between addition and old kitchen required leveling compound, electric wiring was not complete…etc. I told her of what needed to be done, and the next day workers were out.

From the ratings, I thought this firm would be like “Holmes on Homes” and ensure the walls were straight and take care of imperfections that they found within the original structure…but this was not so. The addition walls are very crooked and wave in and out in some places slightly over an inch, so much that there is space between the standing cabinets and the wall. During floor installation, the existing floor had a vent removed to reposition the vent in a cabinet toe-kick within the addition. The foreman allowed the vent to be cut in the new subfloor outside the cabinet footprint, thus cosmetic adjustments had to be made to rectify it. Further, the foreman was not about to close off the hole in the floor from the old vent. They intended to just “wood floor” over it.

The electrician intermittently came on site, never completing a task before he had to run off to another job, and I usually came home to something not working: the basement fridge was off and freezer items were warm, the hall lights were off for a month, the outlets in the addition tripped off at one point, and I was unaware of all the GFI locations. Further, the electrician left cut open wires (although dead) just hanging in front of the crawl space opening.

The foreman also missed many details like, running the phone lines, ensuring the stoop was centered on the door, or that an outlet needed to be removed – even though we consistently pointed them out, left notes and even provided the phone wire ourselves that morning. Ultimately the drywall was hung without electrical and phone wires in the right location, the stoop was not centered and the outlet was not removed. The firm did ensure that they fixed these problems; however, the remediation included punching holes in new drywall then patching and having the foreman working as a mason. Needless to say the job is not “finished” as well as it could have been if it was done right from the beginning.

We were told that after 12 months we would receive some package to prepare us for a walk-through to identify any concerns. Nothing came in the mail and there was no offer of a walk through when we finally contacted the firm after 18 months. The contactor did send workers out to fix the items.

Finally I would like to address a contractor practice that we were completely unaware of and certainly not informed of by our contractor. At our first meeting, our contractor provided us a list of vendors (cabinet, granite, etc.) that we could use for our project. When it was time to purchase our granite countertops I referred to this list and visited two of the vendors: Counter Intelligence and Grantops. I let both of these vendors know that I was referred to them. I figured that there might be a referral kickback (business to business); however, what I happened was neither vendor would provide me with a basic "granite group level" price quote, stating that my builder would provide me the price. Basically the contractor had a practice of “marking up” the vendor’s price. The granite vendors would send a price quote over to my contractor and my contractor would add their percent mark up, and that was the purchase price. I told the Coleman Laurienzo office manager that I did not appreciate going to vendors and being withheld price information and would have liked to know about the mark-up practice upfront...prior to going to the granite dealers, she stated that the 15% she adds only covers their time and coordination efforts as well as the liability the contractor assumes on the product itself. She stated that if anything happened to the granite in the transport or install, they would coordinate the remediation. In reality, I was the one taking off work, running around meeting with her recommended granite fabricators and choosing granite slabs, and the granite vendor (not the contractor) was liable for the granite slab fabrication, getting to the site and the installation. So I would say that her claim does not hold water. Frankly, I really do not like to do business with anyone that will not give me a price. It makes me feel that they have something to hide or are trying to work me over monetarily. I ended up going elsewhere (Pagliaro Bros – great firm see my review) and I did not mention Coleman Laurienzo.

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