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Consumer from Rockville, MD
May 31, 2018
Consumer from ANNANDALE, VA
Apr 21, 2010
Not Recommended
I hired Mr. Carls to inspect my home in Annandale, VA. Mr. Carls charged me $700 for the inspection however his lack of professionalism and experience cost me many times that amount due to his negligence. There were tell tale signs of a water leak in my garage where the addition met the original house however they were overlooked by Mr. Carls and it eventually cost me $3300 to repair the clay drainage pipe buried along the adjacent outside foundation. Mr. Carls also failed to inspect the sump pump which turned out to be an incorrect unit. The float arm was too long and jammed in the space. I needed a unit with a sliding float. Needless to say, my garage took on water during heavy rains until I realized the source of the problem and had it replaced. Mr. Carls also failed to tell me that the attic heater unit needed a filter draw as w/o it my filters get all chewed up pushing them in the slot. He saw that problem and overlooked it as he inspected the unit. It will now cost me several hundred dollars to remedy. He did bring a ladder when he inspected my house but did not use it saying stepping on the roof would damage the roofing. He caulked a leak which turned up on the next rain storm. . I also just learned that the capped water well which Mr. Carls examined in front of my house was and still is in violation of Fairfax Co. regs and should have been certified abandoned by the previous home owner at his expense before the house was sold to me. I had no use for it and did not want to reactivate it. I will now have to pay $1800 to have it filled by a certified well abandonment company. Mr. Carls only covered me on half the cost of the sump pump. I also just learned from DPOR that Mr. Carls does not need a license to inspect homes in VA., where I live and they cannot take action. I told Mr. Carls 0n 4/20/10 that I would take him to court and he said do what you want.