FEHB Plan Accreditation

The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) is the largest organization that accredits health plans. Our ratings tables report whether or not plans are accredited by NCQA or by URAC or AAAHC, two smaller accrediting organizations. These organizations have procedures to determine whether plans meet the organization's accreditation standards. The standards cover many areas of performance, such as whether the plan takes appropriate steps to check the credentials of its physicians, whether the plan has appropriate health promotion and disease prevention programs, and whether the plan has appropriate protections of patients' rights. NCQA includes in its accreditation process assessments of plan performance on member satisfaction survey measures and effectiveness of care measures, such as the percentage of two-year-olds who have had all recommended immunizations and the percentage of heart attack patients who are given a specific type of recommended medication.

All accredited plans are not of equal quality, and there are many aspects of quality that accreditation reviews can't measure. But accreditation is a plus, and absence of accreditation should raise concerns about quality.