From time to time we'll share here consumer-related articles, advice, and resources we like.

June 2020

Alan Yu for NPR on whether it's safe to get a physical or dental checkup

My kids have to read 50 books for their school's summer reading challenge and this list of diverse children's books from Lifehacker is pure gold

Wirecutter's Lesley Stockton's tips for how to keep produce fresh for weeks

Liz Weston for Nerd Wallet and ABC News with great advice on advance medical directives

May 2020

Michelle Singletary and Danielle Douglas-Gabriel for The Washington Post on what you need to know about debt relief on student loans

Consumer Reports asks teh FDA what it will take for it to crack down on a bogus bleach 'miracle' cure

AARP: Questions you should ask assisted living communities about how they're handling coronovirus

Consumer Reports has instructions on how to set parental controls for streaming Amazon, Apple, and Roku

Elaine Glusac for The New York Times on what the future holds for hotels vs. Airbnb

Gretchen Reynolds for The New York Times: Is it safe to go back to the gym?

Consumer Federation of America finds that most auto insurance refunds due to COVID-19 should be twice as much as promised

AARP is tracking how to get info on COVID-19 cases in nursing homes from each state

Ron Lieber for The New York Times: There's money stuck in yoru dependent care account. Now what?

Consumer Reports: Cameras in your car may be harvesting data as you drive

Leslie Scism for The Wall Street Journal found that some Americans are being denied coverage when they try to buy life insurance

Kiplinger's Andrea Browne Taylor pulled together a list of recent changes to retun policies for 20 major retailers on how to cook murder hornets, because in 2020 I've learned it's smart to prepare for the absolute worst

Nancy Simmons Starrs for The Washington Post on planning a move during the pandemic asked experts to weigh in on whether we should wear face masks when exercising outdoors

Michelle Singletary proposes new post-pandemic rules for financing retirements

We're ingesting so much plastic that Consumer Reports had to research how to avoid it

Sara Karnasiewicz for The Wall Street Journal with 34 suggestions from kids on how to keep them entertained

Stephanie Rosenbloom for The New York Times: Want to learn French? Italian? Russian? There’s no time like the present

April 2020

Consumer Reports on systems that might help track the coronavirus

Mora Gordon for NPR on how to get the most out of virtual medical appointments

Geoffrey Fowler for The Washington Post on troubleshooting WiFi problems at home

CNET has great tips on etiquette for restaurant takeout and delivery orders

ProPublica reports that medical systems and hospitals continue their aggressive pursuit of patient medical debt, despite the ongoing coronavirus crisis

Consumer Reports exposes that Coke and Pepsi rake in millions in profits from bottling public tap water and selling it to those who got their supply shut off when they couldn't afford to pay their bills.

Tara Parker-Pope for The New York Times: Is the virus on my clothes? My shoes? My hair? My newspaper?