Patel, Jayesh S.

4210 Fairfax Corner Ave W #230
Fairfax, VA 22030703-631-1136
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Consumer from Falls Church, VA
Jan 24, 2022
it was my first root canal. He did a great job and I didn't feel anything but I also felt numb for more than 8 hours. I did have to take 2 antibiotics, which I would have preferred to avoid. He calls to check up on patients and works to make it affordable. I would return to him.
Consumer from Fairfax, VA
Feb 05, 2021
My dentist sent me to Dr. Patel to see if a tooth that had been giving me trouble since I was 17 could be saved. Dr. P. charged me $100 for a 10 minute evaluation, which did not bother me, but when I went ahead with the procedure he did not apply that initial payment to the total fee, which surprised me a little. What surprised me A LOT was seeing a dental appliance lying on the floor of my examining room on one visit. And even MORE SHOCKING was that (on my third visit, going back and forth between him and my general dentist) he started to numb the wrong tooth! It was only when I stopped him by thrusting a hand up in the "STOP" mode that he acknowledged his error, and then switched over to work on the correct one. (I won't even bother mentioning that he applied inadequate 'glue' to my temporary crowns on two different visits, so that the crowns came off in my mouth the same day at home while I was just sipping a cool smooth soup, and that fortunately my tongue felt the crowns in time to avoid swallowing them.)
Consumer from Lorton, VA
Jan 26, 2019
Dr. Patel is simply the best. Extremely fast and highly skilled. I've had better root canals here than regular filling sessions at the dentist.

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