Few of us look forward enthusiastically to a stay in a hospital. That’s as it should be. Hospital stays are not fun, and stays at even the very best hospitals pose significant risks of infections and other mishaps.

But you’ll be more comfortable entering a hospital if you know that the hospital stay is really necessary, that the hospital was selected carefully, and that you know how to deal effectively with the hospital’s staff. Our ratings of more than 4,800 U.S. acute-care hospitals will help you find that peace of mind. Our ratings provide:

  • A comparison of hospitals’ death and “adverse outcome” rates for major types of cases.
  • Doctors’ ratings of hospitals.
  • Ratings from patients.
  • Ratings of hospitals on key patient safety measures.

Whatever hospital you choose, you’ll want to get the best care possible. What you get depends in part on how well you are informed about what to expect during your stay. It also depends on how carefully you and your family and friends keep an eye on what the staff is doing. The advice we provide will help you prepare for your stay, play a useful role in your care, and strategies on protecting yourself from poor care.