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Guide to Health Plans for Federal Employees & Annuitants -
An FEHBP Plan Comparison Tool
Which Health Plans Rate Best and Cost the Least?
CHECKBOOK's 37th edition of the Guide to Health Plans for Federal Employees for 2016 takes you through a few simple steps to find the best health plan for you and your family. Find every plan available to you ranked by estimated out-of-pocket costs and more.

FEHBP Advice & Explanations

Introduction, Basics, & Changes for 2016
Comparing Plan Costs
Cost Comparisons and Advice for Employees and Former Employees
Cost Comparisons and Advice for Annuitants
Cost Sharing
Coverage Features
Dental, Vision & Hearing
Plan Types & Flexibility
Quality & Service
Premiums & Taxes
Key Tips & Final Plan Selection
Our Methods & Data Sources

Subscriber Comments

"The most revealing part of the study is the cost estimates .It helped me understand the plans better and look at possibilities that I had never considered before."
"I'm an HHS employee. Just wanted to say that I appreciate your cost calculation methods -- that you take premium conversion into account and that you offset plan costs by any plan contributions to HSAs. Some of the other FEHB comparison tools don't do this, and I think it's less accurate. I think that your Guide made my decisions pretty straight forward."
"Please continue to have the "open formulary" column. It's one of the most important features for us, some of the lower costs plans don't cover the medications our family takes without alot of hassles and that's a lesson that's tough if you have to learn it after you've already enrolled."
"Very informative. Easy to read."
"The site does a good job in comparing different types of health plans (apples to oranges) and makes adjustments for these differences. Questions were promptly answered. In general it is a very helpful site. Thanks for your help!"
"This tool is outstanding. It contained the information I needed, in an easily searchable format, that helped me make an informed decision regarding which FEHB plan to choose in a minimum amount of time. Just excellent!!! Thank you."
"Great site. Answers in just a few seconds! Thank you."
"This is an excellent service. It enables us to make objective initial comparisons of plans without having to first read them. It not only answers many questions but enables us to ask more intelligent and discerning ones. Thank you very much!"
"This is an excellent resource. As always, you do a great job. Have been a member for 20+ years. Wonderful service."
"I think your website has clean and simple plan comparison information. It helped me make informed decisions in regards to my health insurance choices. Thank you."
"Very nice job! Keeps me coming back to Checkbook year after year."
"Access to this is great. In prior years, I have had to look at brochures, and try to compare. This makes it VERY easy. Thanks!"
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