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Jul 21, 2011
Not Recommended
We wrote to Comcast, because of a non responsive message they sent, which follows this: I want the billing status corrected per my earlier e-mail message. I am not paying the bill you sent--it is WRONG. I have already provided all the details regarding the suspension. If you can't understand them, call me at 802-583-5257. I want to talk, by voice, with a human. If you are not authorized to do that, get someone in Retention to call me, as our repeated efforts to reach them by telephone end in nothing but long waiting periods on hold. Jake Hughes & Carol Thomas FROM COMCAST, SEE BELOW We apologize for the confusion and inconvenience you've experienced. I have reviewed your account and it is not suspended and it is billing normally. Please use our chat service to contact us regarding your account status and billing. You can chat with us via: If you need further assistance, please feel free to respond directly to this email. We appreciate you taking the time to contact us. Thank you for choosing Comcast. Sincerely, Abraham Comcast Customer Care Specialist Original Message Follows: The following information was submitted from the Comcast Web site:

Re: Web Form Submission: Billing/Question About Charges Name: Carol Thomas Address: 19109 Brooke Grove Court City: Montgomery Village State: MD Zip: 20886 Home Phone: 3018691406 Email: Problem: Billing/Question About Charges Comments:

Our Triple-play service was to be suspended effective 6-30-11, confirmed by a Retention rep. shortly before our departure for vacation. Yesterday, our forwarded mail included your bill for the next month's full-cost service ($181.08). I was "encouraged" by your service reps. to pay the previous bill in full although half the charge was for part of the suspension period (6-30 through 7-14-11); so I paid it in full. I want written confirmation (by postal mail or e-mail)that 1)you suspended our service as requested, 2) a corrected bill showing credit of approximately $90., which will be used to pay down the $30./month charge quoted for suspended service. Several attempts to reach anyone in "Retention" have resulted in 10- and 15-minute periods on hold with no human contact, but did trigger your automated survey. Apparently, as long as none of your employees ever has to talk to a customer or resolve an issue, your technology works. Please call us at 802-583-5257 (you can leave a message). If we need to return the call, please keep in mind that some of the Comcast 800 numbers do NOT work from Vermont. I hope you make some effort to resolve this issue, since we have spent a lot of time and effort on it already.