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Consumer from WASHINGTON, DC
Aug 26, 2012
Not Recommended
This was one of my most frustrating experiences dealing with a contractor EVER.

I was referred to Adam Curtis of Design-Weld by Miguel Siciliano who is rated well on Consumer Checkbook but who was busy at the time. I went with Design-Weld because I thought Adam Curtis' design skills were better than some of the other estimators I met. Unfortunately, Design-Weld was not rated on this site so I mistakenly took Miguel Siciliano's advice and paid dearly for it.

After signing the contract and paying the deposit, I did not hear back from Mr. Curtis for six weeks. I had even wondered if he really was a contractor or if he just took my money and disappeared. The contract stated the work should be completed in around five weeks.

In short, I ended up calling Mr. Curtis for over 4 months, sometimes multiple times per week to figure out when he was actually going to do the work. I found it very uncomfortable for me to be calling to essentially beg him to do the work that he contracted to do. During those first four months he almost never picked up the phone so I had to leave voice messages. In frustration I called Miguel Siciliano to ask him why he recommended someone who had not done the work in four months. I was happy that Miguel did give me Mr. Curtis' cell number which he actually did answer half of the time.

The first day the crew arrived the main iron work for my backyard deck was incorrectly designed, as Mr. Curtis had mistakenly given the initial draft of work to his crew rather than the final correct version which was different. This then meant another ~2 month delay for the railing to be re done and powder-coated. The second time the crew arrived there was yet another big mistake as one part of the railing did not match the other. It then had to be redone yet another time and another 1-2 months delay.

While I was satisfied with the final product, the process of having to call Mr. Curtis over 7 months to get him to do the job became a major headache and unnecessary pain. I had to take off 4 days of work to be at home due to mistakes on their part. I also was not satisfied that close attention was not paid to the details of the design plans which were mixed up and not double checked.