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Consumer Comments for Dan's Southside Marine

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Consumer from Apple Valley, MN
Aug 01, 2018
Not Recommended

Told the price was discounted and was asked if dealer could keep rebates. I agreed.
There was no discounts

Specified trailer tongue weight of 150 to 210 lbs (within recommended range) due to front wheel drive car.
   Hit a small bump, front wheels got airborn and momentarily lost steering.
   Tongue weight later checked and was over 500 lbs (200 lbs above recommended range).

Installed radio a “new” radio that had not been manufactured for nine yrs..
Charged full retail for old technology.

Agreed to replaced radio with a Uniden UM-425. Replaced it with a more expensive one (UM-525).
   Charged full retail for the more expensive one.
Did not provide accessories, cables, paper work, owners’ manual or box. Probably a display model.
Instead of providing a manufactures manual, they printed one off the internet onto 8.5 x 11 inch paper and fastened with a clip. That will work great on the middle of a lake

Two batteries installed for trolling motor.
One corroded and leaked near terminal within one month.
Either old or cracked.
Both replaced    

Been in the shop twice for bad hydraulic steering. (no hyd assist to port)
   Initial fix was to rotate steering wheel to 12 o’clock position-duh!
Twice it has been bled.
   Could there be a leak?
   Could there be a bad hyd cylinder?

Dealing with Dan’s Southside Marine developed into a emotional disaster which transferred to the boat.
It reached the point where I had to get rid of and replace a fine watercraft
Consumer from Saint Paul, MN
Jun 05, 2018
Consumer from Saint Paul, MN
Feb 05, 2018
Not Recommended
We took our pontoon in for warranty work and they swear they completed the work but the pieces that were supposed to be replaced were never replaced and had the same bubbling on the pieces as they had when we brought our boat in. Also, we were given the wrong product for our pontoon (a pontoon we bought from this location) when they recommended a part for our pontoon.

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