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Consumer from BETHESDA, MD
Sep 19, 2012
Not Recommended
They removed the carpeting and refinished the floors. The floors were done well. The process with them was awful. They arrived the first day - late - and proceeded to tell me what they couldn't do. I asked that they call the supervisor who was supposed to come in "15 minutes" which was more like an hour. They started moving the equipment out. I am proparing to put the house on the market and time was critical. I finally had to get my agent involved and he ended up providing a moving company to move the funriture back and forth. They were doing three rooms, a hallway and stairs. The whole process was two days late in starting. The people that they had doing the work could not speak english so it was difficult to communicate. They did not do a good job of keeping the dust from other parts of the house. They would never let me know what time they would be there each day and "9 o'clock" was from 8:30 one day to 11:30 another day. Finally there was a problem with some shoe molding that I thougt was resolved but it wasn't and the supervisor was rude and unresponsive about handling it and I finally had to hire a tile installer to correct the problem - at my expense.I would not use them again as I am sure that there are other companies that could do the work as well and not be so difficult and unresponsive as this company. I also found it interesting that they wanted 1/3 down when I signed the contract and required the remainder before they would start the work. I used a credit card for payment so if the work had not been acceptable, I could have stopped payment.