Sila Heating & Air Conditioning

7000 Virginia Manor Rd
Beltsville, MD 20705 202-338-9400
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Complaints for Sila Heating & Air Conditioning

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Areas Served by Sila Heating & Air Conditioning:

  • Alexandria
  • Anne Arundel Co.
  • Arlington Co.
  • DC–NE
  • DC–NW
  • DC–SE
  • DC–SW
  • Fairfax Co.
  • Howard Co.
  • Montgomery Co.
  • Prince George's Co.

Equipment company services/installs:

  • Air duct cleaning
  • Humidifiers
  • Air ducts (sheet metal work)
  • Central air conditioners
  • Electric furnaces
  • Gas furnaces
  • Hot water heating systems
  • Hot water systems pipes & radiators
  • Electronic air cleaners
  • Heat pumps

Consumer Comments for Sila Heating & Air Conditioning

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Consumer from Washington, DC
May 02, 2022
Recommended with caution. This is a company that suffers from its own success. We've used them for about 10 years. I trusted them more when they were a smaller family-run operation. In the last couple of years they always seem to discover/recommend costly repairs that are questionable, partly because they are repairs that they supposedly had worked on the year before; in one case, a technician admitted that one of the upgrades recommended by the higher-ups was not really necessary which saved me hundreds of dollars.
Consumer from Laurel, MD
Apr 26, 2022
Professional and competent. Replaced failing fan coil unit and heat pump.
Consumer from Laurel, MD
Feb 27, 2022
Heat Pump Replacement I needed to replace my 26 year old heat pump due to the outside unit making horrible noises and deciding due to age to replace as opposed to repairing, I went on Angi and looked at the reviews and picked several companies. Sila was rated very good and I used Angi to request an estimate. After a couple of days of not hearing I called. Glenn came out and spent about a half hour or so going over my needs and calculating the appropriate size. I then received an email with three choices, good, better, best. After deciding to go with Sila, I chose the middle choice system and replied with the choice. A day later, Glenn called and stated that other than the good option, the others would not physically fit in the space I had. I reviewed the "good" option and decided that that would be okay and replied again with that selection. I received a call from Sila stating November 8 they would install my system. On November 8, Sila showed up the time they stated and began. They finished in the early afternoon and everything seemed okay; although it was a relatively warm day. Everything seemed to be working for the first week or so. I then began to hear a strange thumping noise coming from the outside unit. In addition, the system was not keeping the temperature where it was set. It was one-two degrees below the setting. Since it was getting close to Thanksgiving, I decided to wait until after.In retrospect, I should have called. The Wednesday morning before Thanksgiving, I woke up to find the system completely off. After checking the breakers (which were ok) I looked at the cutoff box and basically just tapped it as it looked ok. The thermostat then came alive and the temperature was 64, 5 degrees below where I set it. The system began to operate and the temperature came up. Since I was leaving for Thanksgiving, I decide to hope it would continue to operate until I returned. Well, the day after Thanksgiving, I looked at the thermostat from the app on my phone and it was offline. Thinking the worst, I returned to find my internet down which was the reason for the offline message. I called Sila anyway due to the problems mentioned and they sent someone out that afternoon. He spent about an hour or so and said the freon was low, so he filled it, and then made sure all the connections on the inside unit were tight. That night and the following day (Saturday November 27) everything seemed to be working until the afternoon when I noticed the humidifier was not humidifying. I turned it all the way up and it still was not really functioning. I called Sila Saturday afternoon and stated my problem and they said someone would call Monday. However, Sunday morning, the same heating problem returned. The system could not keep up the temperature. It was always one to two degrees below the thermostat setting. Monday came and at 8 am I called Sila. They said someone would be there in the afternoon. About noon, they called and said an emergency forced a postponement until Tuesday morning 10 -12. Tuesday, about 1230, someone from Sila came and spent a good hour and a half and informed me that the pipes in my house were where the leak was. I asked him to verify and he tested just the pipes in my house and showed me that there was a leak. My only recourse was to have these replaced. The next day, two Sila guys came and spent most of the day replacing my pipes and reconnecting the system. They did a really good job. Only one small hole in my basement ceiling which they patched. This replacement couldn't have gone better. They re-pressure tested the system and were convinced it was ok. They evacuated the air and replaced the freon, cleaned everything up and made sure I was ok with everything. Unfortunately after they left I discovered the humidifier was mis-wired. It would run even when the heater was not running, which I knew was wrong. I called the next morning and someone came out in the afternoon and corrected this. It is now Saturday and while I am skiddish about it, it seems to be running ok. THe only odd thing is that the outside unit makes thumping sounds once in a while. Not sure what that is; but the pipes seem to get hot when the system is running indicating the outside unit is providing heat. I pray all the leaks are gone.We'll see.

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