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7405 River Rd
Bethesda, MD 20817301-469-7690
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Consumer Comments for American Plant

Consumer from Rockville, MD
May 14, 2019
Very knowledgeable about plants, and wonderful selection and advice. Customer service was very responsive to an issue that came up and resolved to my complete satisfaction.
Consumer from Bethesda, MD
Jan 24, 2019
Very pleased with the knowledgeable staff at American Plant. We'll see just how well the trees do when spring comes.
Consumer from Bethesda, MD
Sep 12, 2018
Very expensive, but quality plants
Consumer from Bethesda, MD
Sep 06, 2018
Has better parking than other River Road American Plant
Consumer from Silver Spring, MD
Sep 06, 2018
The prices here are high. I wan't sure if that would be "inferior" or "superior." The plants are in good shape but they are expensive.
Consumer from Cabin John, MD
Aug 29, 2018
Superior overall, but not the indoor plant store where I wanted to purchase a plant for my wife's birthday. It turned out to be a waste of time and money. The salesperson was too busy doing paperwork and other chores to show me the plants or explain them, even though I was the only customer. She gave me an off-handed recommendation which turned out to be awful.
Consumer from Rockville, MD
May 23, 2018
We think they're great. Price-wise, I don't know whether they're about average for the area or not. We trust them for their advice. The garden center that you can go into is fascinating. You never know what you might run into (and not just plants). The flower pots that I've seen are beautiful as is the garden furniture from France by Fermob.
Consumer from BETHESDA, MD
Apr 11, 2018
Higher prices for convenience.
Consumer from POTOMAC, MD
Jan 31, 2018
Definitely more expensive but has the greatest variety and best quality of the local nurseries. Knowledgable assistance can be a wait to obtain.
Consumer from POTOMAC, MD
Jan 29, 2018
They have the most knowledgeable workers and the best selection of products around this area. There is always someone available to help.
Consumer from Washington, DC
Nov 10, 2017
Prices are high but they have good selection.
Consumer from BETHESDA, MD
Oct 16, 2017
Better selection than Westbard location.
Consumer from BETHESDA, MD
Sep 06, 2017
The quality and variety of plants is excellent, but prices are very high.
Consumer from POTOMAC, MD
May 17, 2017
Crew that did the work was very poorly supervised. The crew wanted to complete the job quickly and cut corners. If you use them, be sure to be present when they do their work and watch them closely.
Consumer from POTOMAC, MD
Apr 16, 2017
Expensive, but great service
Consumer from WASHINGTON, DC
Sep 25, 2016
They are okay, but Merrifield and Behnke are much much better.
Consumer from POTOMAC, MD
Sep 15, 2016
I always get good healthy plants from them.
Consumer from GERMANTOWN, MD
Feb 10, 2016
very expensive but good variety. Inside store is becoming more chatzky and less garden center
Consumer from BETHESDA, MD
Jan 25, 2016
This is a great place - high quality product, extremely knowledgeable staff, great service. However, you will pay for the quality.
Consumer from BETHESDA, MD
Jan 11, 2016
Very good garden center -- prices do tend to be high, but the service and expertise more than makes up for this as does the selection of plants & they are locally owned.
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