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Consumer from Arlington, VA
May 16, 2018
Not Recommended
According to phone call on 5-16-2018, no longer in business in DC area.
Consumer from SPRINGFIELD, VA
Nov 22, 2014
I was absolutely thrilled with the service Avery provided. A mildew odor had been evident in my house for a while and seemed to get worse after strong rains. I was concerned that the problem was with a section of basement wall and/or kitchen wall that would be very expensive to repair. One day after returning from out of town I was hit with a very strong mold/mildew odor as I walked through the front door. The entire house had a very strong odor, I had trouble sleeping that night because the odor was so strong even after opening windows and running a fan.

Avery did a thorough job, was polite, very professional. He walked me through each room, explained the tests he was performing, the function of each, that they would be sent to a lab and I would receive the final report in 2 days. He tested the air for mold/mildew, etc. He did a humidity test that showed I did not have a humidity problem and would not need to purchase equipment to reduce humidity in my house. I had first spoken with a mold/mildew remediator who suggested I might want to have a mold tester come out to my house first to see exactly what the problem was. The remediator said he could sell me a $1,500 dehumidifier that would work throughout the house, if it was determined that humidity was a problem. Avery said there are much less expensive solutions to removing humidity, and after his testing it was determined I didn't need to purchase anything.

Avery gave me suggestions on things I could do like being sure air filters are changed every so often, vacuuming inside the furnace, etc. Turned out the problem was coming from a different section of the basement. A section of an old rug appeared to be the source of the odor. At first it was thought it might be coming from a number of items stored on the rug under a large table close to the wall. But after removing all the items it was clear they were not the source. There was a strong odor coming from under the rug close to the wall. Avery explained that air circulation just carried the odor throughout the house making it difficult to determine the source. I never would have thought that would be the source.

I had the rug and pad removed the next day, thoroughly cleaned that area. It was such a relief to have the problem taken care of so easily, and so inexpensively. There were no signs of moisture on the floor or coming through the baseboard. It is possible that mold/mildew grew on the pad which had pretty much deteriorated and left a lot of debris to be swept up after the rug and pad were removed.

I was impressed with the detail of the report that was emailed to me. I highly recommend Avery and Fusion Services.