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Consumer from FALLS CHURCH, VA
Sep 14, 2016
Not Recommended
Disgusted with this doctor. Unlike any other MD I have ever been to, he required me to sign a contract requiring me to pay a fixed amount to join his program. It was rather high pressure on my first visit, and it was expensive. He was unwilling to refund anything - and was quite unsympathetic -- when I concluded the program wasn't working for me. He just shrugged and kept the money. His interest in money seems foremost. He has quite an ego -- he gives you a video to watch of himself describing his program rather than talking to you. I went to him because an endocrinologist had heard good things about his program, but I would never go back or recommend him to anyone.
Consumer from SPRINGFIELD, VA
Nov 20, 2015
Dr. Posner and his team are great! Began program on 1 May 2015, and at the end of 12 weeks -- my wife lost 40+ lbs and I was at 30+. We are in maintenance now and remaining on course. Yes, you are encouraged to purchase multivitamin supplements, potassium, and serotonin supplements and a prescriptive medication to "kick start" the program, come to such a program to lose weight. This program delivers! Our daughter has also lost ~ 40 lbs, and another friend is working on ~ 23 lbs too!

There is a cost for the 12-week program, but when factoring in costs associated with others which require special food purchases, the costs seemed quite in line to us. Once again, you come to lose weight, and we are the healthiest we've been, even moreso, than when my wife and I were running marathons together!

Understanding cost is a factor of a program, and you must purchase suppliments, this is now a downside and reason to not recommend the program. On the contrary, there is always a cost of doing business, and SP Diet is in line with costs spent for special foods, etc. Further, consider the fact that by losing weight the amount of other drugs my wife takes for arthritis has been eliminated (and positively recommended by her rheumatologist...who thought the plan would be great for many of his clients), and I am no longer on hypertension medication. This lessons the amount of medication co-payments.

Bottom line, this is a lifestyle change. If you believe you can complete the SP Diet program and go back to the way you ate, exercised, and lived are setting yourself up for failure!

Had I told my wife the cost of the program (and we got a reduction because we both participated), she would have not set foot in the door. Now she tells everyone, "this is money well spent!"

One last point, we gave our daughter the gift of "health" as she needed to lose weight also. She is in school in Pittsburgh, PA and there are no SP Diet partners close to her. Dr. Posner took the time, on a Sunday, to meet with our daughter and put her into a "virtual" program. Without their willingness to do so, she would be 40 lbs heavier right now. Her picture is featured on the facebook page! You can find the program at
Consumer from BURKE, VA
Aug 12, 2013
Not Recommended
Follow their rules or go away. Very expensive. Have to buy their products.