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Consumer from Herndon, VA
Mar 01, 2019
Not Recommended
I recommend anyone reading this to avoid this company at all costs. Both owners are incredibly unprofessional and rude. I was told I was a liar and terrible customer and was cursed at and threatened by Kenny Krogman, one of the owners on multiple occasions. They do not know how to plan projects or how to provide an appropriate level of customer service. They are pushy and will demand payment via check at the time of the final walk through. In my case, my project was completed (poor workmanship) in December, they sent out a warranty guy after that and to date an official final walk-through has not taken place. In my case, they most recently did some Deck/porch work but the main project was a fence. I have had them do other deck work in the past on other property's and the work had been fine which is why I hired them for this project. The Deck and Porch work this time was also was fine, however the fence not only looks awful in its current state but it took them 3+ tries to get it where it is today. Neither owner visited the site to see any of the work at any stage. They have little regard for regulations like others have commented. In my case they failed to ask for a plat of my yard. Since they didn't know where the property line was they ended up putting one section of my fence in my neighbors yard, then tried to tell me that they did exactly what I hired them to do because they placed the fence where it was on a quick sketch that had been done during the estimate process. They also failed to call Miss Utility or obtain any permits. Arlington County requires a fence permit and even though their contract states they will comply with all local laws they failed to obtain a permit until after the work had started and I realized it was required and insisted they get it for my project. Avoid this company!!!!
Consumer from Reston, VA
Nov 10, 2018
We had our front porch re-decked in October, 2017. They demolished the 40’ x 6’ decking, and replaced it. They also installed PVC trim on the band-board.
They gave us a 1-year labor warranty, and lifetime or 25-year material warranty.
We were very pleased with their work, especially because they wouldn’t install the new decking after the demolition until the supervisor had checked the framing for rot, even though I had inspected it and told them to go ahead. They discovered an area that had rotted and needed to be replaced before they would proceed. I wouldn’t have known about this defect until it failed later.
Since that time, we have requested that they come back 3 times for fixes.
1) 11/2017, they added some caulk in a small area next to the decking near the front door, because it had been overlooked.
2) 01/2018, there was a cut in the siding on one corner, at the bottom, where the previous decking had been, and after the new decking was installed, that small area looked unfinished. They came and added some trim to neaten up the appearance and now I’m pleased with the way it looks.
3) 10/2018, the PVC trim on the band-board was sticking up a little bit higher the decking, as the decking had settled, which is normal. It was beginning to present a trip hazard. They came and trimmed down the PVC and added corner trim to make it look good and no longer be a trip hazard. It took about half a day to complete.
Because they backed up their warranty for no additional charge, and our porch still looks fantastic after a year, we continue to be pleased with our decision to select Steadfast Construction.
Consumer from Alexandria, VA
Sep 27, 2018
Not Recommended
Too many problems to list when they built our deck, and now after nine years it's falling apart.

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