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Consumer from LUSBY, MD
Aug 04, 2011
Not Recommended
We employed M & G Construction LLC in April-May 2011 to paint most of the rooms in our house and do other miscellaneous tasks (e.g., installing new vanities and fixtures in two bathrooms, repairing/replacing wallboard prior to painting, painting the garage floor and patio fence) in preparation for putting it up for sale. M & G is a small firm owned by Miguel Lopez and that is who we dealt with. We found the firm through our realtor who recommended Miguel highly. Although, for the most part, M & G finished the work in the contract, we had several problems with them. The principal problem was that, even though the contract was with us and we were paying for it, it was pretty clear that Miguel was more concerned with pleasing our realtor and was much more inclined to take the lead from the realtor and not us. All three parties (Miguel, the realtor, and us) had developed a two-stage timetable for completing the various tasks outlined in the contract and had agreed upon it. The first stage included all of the work in the contract other than the painting. We went on vacation to allow them 9 days to complete this stage. The next stage provided for all of the painting to be done but prior to the start of that stage we had arranged a 2 day break to allow movers to come and remove most of the furniture . After all of the painting was completed, floor refinishers (with whom we had a separate contract) would come to redo all of the floors, after which M&G would return to do touch up work and complete any remaining painting and other items in the contract that had not been completed. Without letting us know prior to signing the contract, Miguel then went on vacation and left the work to two helpers who ignored the schedule, started painting during the first stage instead of waiting until the furniture had been removed, and left some tasks that were scheduled for the first stage to be completed later. When we returned from vacation and found they had not followed the schedule, we talked to Miguel and emphasized the importance of following the schedule. We also noticed some paint spots on a painting in the living room and pointed this out. Miguel claimed they had removed and covered all of the painting and furniture and that these spots must have occurred during a prior painting 5 years earlier even though we had not noticed them. We didn’t press the point but after their not having followed the schedule, that should have been a warning sign. We then left for 4 days to allow the floor refinishers to do their work. We had promised the floor refinisher that he and his crew would have the place to themselves but when we returned we found that, rather than wait for the floor refinishers to complete their work, M & G had come in and did some painting that they had not completed during the first stage of their contract. Some of this urgency we believe was a result of the realtor wanting to get the work done quickly in order to get the house on the market ASAP. When all of the work was completed and before making a final payment, we identified several problems that needed to be addressed. The problems were not major (e.g., fixing the deadbolt on the front door which the painters had removed for painting, replaced improperly, and could not be locked; putting another coat of paint on the garage floor since there were spots remaining from the first coat). Miguel assured me he would return the following week to correct the problems and I paid him the full amount. Despite several calls over the next 2-3 weeks Miguel never returned to correct the problems. I could not recommend this firm.