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Consumer from CHANTILLY, VA
Mar 15, 2015
Not Recommended
I do not recommend this company at all. The work was shoddy & individuals involved were not unconcerned about poorly done work. A friend recommended this co. She hired them to renovate a bathroom & paint the rooms in her house & said was happy with the work done. Mr. Kim, the co. owner, came to discuss what I wanted done. My house is old & rooms are small; it wasn’t going to be a big job. Work to be done: tear out & replace the tub-length shower stall (retile & install shower door, shower head & controls), remove wall paper & paint, install light fixture & mirror; paint kitchen & paint living room. Previous owner installed trim above the quarter round in the kit & LR but did not caulk the gaps. I asked Mr. K to have that caulked. He said yes & pointed to the trim along the ceiling of the LR & said that would also be caulked. Mr. K said his employee Mr. Young would repair & prepare surfaces for painting which meant “to patch any damages to the drywall & to patch unwanted nail-holes, etc.” Mr. K said Mr. Y was very good & had been working for him for 6 yrs. & could understand English pretty well. I was home the majority of the time the work was done. No one came to check on progress over the two wks except twice someone came & they went to lunch. There was little communication between us because his understanding of English was limited. On the last day I left late afternoon & Mr. Y left later when he was done. I noticed a number of problems: there had been NO preparing & repairing of the paint surfaces (house was built in 1968-there were places that could have used repairing), Mr. Y did NOT caulk anywhere; the bathroom ceiling had lots of noticeable hard bubbles/blister like bumps - the result of too much paint that formed drips & dried; shower door leaked at bottom of frame; shower head whistled; shower door screeched; the 2 corner shelves in the shower were installed upside down; over 50 pinholes were in the bath wall above the mirror/below the light from Mr. Y’s attempts to install with the mirror. I met w/ Mr. K & showed him the problems & gave him a typed list. I said I didn’t feel Mr. Y had paid any attention to what he was doing. To which Mr. K said that he was surprised, as Mr. Y is the most conscientious of his employees. I asked Mr. K to go over the list with Mr. Y in order to have the items fixed. Mr. K muttered that he should have used a punch list. They both returned at a later date. I do not speak Korean, so I did not know what Mr. K told Mr. Y to do. Mr. K did not bother to bring the list with him. Mr. K did not stay. Mr. Y sanded & repainted the bath ceiling & repaired the pinholes in the wall & repainted. Mr. Y pointed to the upside down shower shelves & said “impossible” (to fix). Even though I asked Mr. K to have the caulk at the bottom of the shower door removed & replaced Mr. Y only added caulk to the inside of the front of the frame. The shower still leaks unless I point the shower head toward the back of the stall, the shower head still whistles & the shower door still screeches. Mr. Y baulked when I mentioned caulking around the trim in the 2 rooms. He shook his head ‘no’. I said “Mr. Kim said ‘yes’”. All he would do was put caulk in a few places. I had pointed out to Mr. Y to include caulking around the trim at the base of the stairs. He shook his head yes, but he only caulked one side. There remains a visible crack all along the ceiling of one wall in the living room & down the corner. Mr. K said he wanted his customers to be 100% satisfied, yet he failed to inform Mr. Y on what to do & did not follow up with me. Because of the problems, I looked closely at everything that had been done. The old, yellowed ceiling paint can be easily seen in a corner of the LR- Mr. Y should have seen it, especially if he had painted the ceiling with 2 coats of paint. It makes me wonder if anywhere got the 2 coats I paid for. Tile goes up to the ceiling in the shower. There pinholes in every line of grout between the tiles from eye level down, & I imagine the same goes for the grout above. Mr. Y apparently used too much water when mixing the grout. The grout down 3/4ths of one shower corner is cracked or has no grout at all. I now squeegee the shower floor after a shower because of much standing water. I do not want to pursue having the problems fixed by Connor Construction because it is that Mr. K & Mr. Y did not particularly care about how well the work was done the 1st or 2nd time.
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