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Consumer from Alexandria, VA
Nov 26, 2012
Not Recommended
Again, I used Miller Construction for a home inspection with an Angie's List Big Deal. Mr. Miller failed to show up for his first two appointments; in the first instance, he never called at all and repeated calls to his number were not answered. I finally called Angie's List, which got hold of him. Miller apologized profusely (family emergency) and we arranged another appointment. Again, he did not show: one of his workers had been injured and Miller took him to the hospital. Miller called later to apologize, but since I had twice taken off work for the inspection, I was not happy. He finally agreed to come out on an weekend and spent about an hour surveying the property. He provided some good advice, but completely failed to notice two major issues about which I was concerned. In the end, I felt that I was getting a cut-rate inspection. Perhaps he just needs to get office help.
Consumer from Washington, DC area
Sep 12, 2012
Not Recommended
I hired this man through Angie's list. He is knowledgeable, and made some sort of inspection, but did not prepare a report.

Several long established contractors have told me that many inspectors don't make useful inspections.

I've never gotten a satisfactory inspection from a real estate property management firm.

To get useful inspections, I've hired mechanical contractor who have sent well experience tradesmen to carry out the inspections. I've used these firms to do work within their specialty such as plumbing and heating and used other firms for other sorts of work such as painting.
Consumer from ARLINGTON, VA
Dec 14, 2011
I found Rob Miller through Angie's List or Groupon. he came and spent 2+ hours going through the house, pointing out what had been done well and where there were problems. He explained what should be done and what was serious and what was no big deal. Although he also does construction and repair work, he never pressured me to have him come in and do additional work. He was helpful and productive and I certainly got my money's worth. He quickly identified a major problem with a HVAC return created when the house was built 18 years ago, but never opened up. He identified something that several others had missed and explained how to fix the problem and what the original builder should have done. I was generally impressed and would call him if I needed another inspection or contracting work.