Our Ratings Tables include our evaluations of area outlets that sell eyeglasses and contact lenses.

There is plenty of room for variations in quality. How happy you will be with your eyeglasses depends on how accurately lenses are positioned within your glasses in relation to your eyes, the choice of frames for fit and appearance, and how well the frames are adjusted. With contact lenses, you need good advice which lenses best fit your pattern of use and your eyes plus skilled follow-up care.

Price matters also. We found identical eyeglass frames and lenses cost twice as much at some outlets than at others. For contacts (with exam and fitting), price differences were even larger. Our Ratings Tables show how the companies stacked up on their prices for a number of different types, brands, and models of eyeglasses and contact lenses. For eyeglasses and contacts, we usually found the least expensive sellers online. But for contacts, online sellers offer higher prices than the lowest-priced local outlets. Shopping online for glasses online is challenging because it’s hard to tell which frames will look good on your face.