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Consumer from FAIRFAX, VA
Jan 14, 2016
Not Recommended
A property I manage was billed by Paul’s Best Lawn Service, Falls Church, Virginia for work the property owner and I believe was not done. I began questioning the validity of Paul's Best invoices in July 2015. At the end of June the tenant vacated the property and it remained vacant until the owner returned on October 9. The lawn at the vacant property was not being watered, our region was suffering a significant drought yet Paul’s Best was sending invoices and statements for lawn mowing, clean-up and debris hauling. On August 5 Paul’s Best billed 3 mowings, 1 general clean-up and debris hauling all allegedly done in drought stricken July totaling $417.50. September 10 billing was $200.00 alleging 5 mowings, 1 in July and 4 in August and the region still in drought conditions. October 5 their invoice billing came in at $368.50 for 5 mowings, 1 general clean-up and debris hauling all of which were allegedly done in September. November 5 billing at $288.00 was 4 mowings and 1 clean-up supposedly done in October.

In September the region remained in drought conditions until the last alleged mowing on September 29. September 29 is memorable because it is the day the long drought broke and it broke in a big way. The drought was broken by the arrival of rain from Hurricane Joaquin. It started that Tuesday and was continuous for about a week. At times during the period rain was downpour and Paul’s Best crew claims they mowed the lawn at the property on September 29 recorded on their invoice.

September 21 major home improvement projects began at the property that continued through October 31. I have statements from the Project Manager at A&A Renovations and Owner of American Energy Masters saying their crew members did not see any lawn care service working at the property while they were on the property. The crews were there for full work days, approximately 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM each day of work performing interior and exterior work. I have record of each company's work dates:

A&A Renovations

9/21/2015 9/22/2015 9/23/2015 9/24/2015 9/25/2015 9/26/2015 9/28/2015 10/5/2015 10//6/2015 10/7/2015 10/8/2015 10/9/2015 10/15/2015 10/27/2015 10/31/2015

American Energy Masters, Inc.

9/22/2015 9/23/2015 9/24/2015 9/25/2015 9/28/2015 9/29/2015 9/30/2015 10/1/2015 10/2/2015 10/5/2015 10/6/2015 10/7/2015 10/8/2015 10/9/2015

I visited the property each day contractors worked and some days I made 2 visits, 1 in morning and 1 in afternoon beginning September 21. It was on my mind to keep a lookout for Paul’s Best Lawn Service crew and/or evidence of lawn care work while doing oversight on the home improvement projects. Upon the owner's return to Virginia on October 9 he visited the property almost daily starting October 10 until he was able to move into the property at the end of the month. From September 21 through October 31 contractors' crews, owner and myself did not see any lawn service crew nor evidence of any lawn work done. The property owner sent me an email message on November 11 reading in part: "Thanks. Finally got the invoice. I also was at the house almost every day beginning 10 October and never saw a single grass clipping anywhere or evidence of any clean up. This evidence would not miraculously disappear in 24 hours or less and volume of leaf fall would not hide a cleanup in mid October. Now perhaps, but not then."

On September 29, 2015, the date the drought broke, I was concerned about the predicted rain storm that would be heavy downpour at times pushing back home improvements projects target completion date. The rain was continuous lasting for about a week and downpours at times as predicted. Paul’s Best October 5 invoice claims mowing on September 29. American Energy Masters, Inc. crew worked that day and I visited the property in morning and afternoon. I wrote the owner a status report email at 1:47 PM that day which was the very moment Hurricane Joaquin's rain arrived lasting almost 1 week. Neither American Energy Masters, Inc. nor I saw any lawn service nor evidence of mowing at the property on September 29. Lastly Paul’s Best November 5 invoice alleges mowing on October 6 which was the day rain stopped. The ground was thoroughly saturated and very improbable to mow.
Consumer from ALEXANDRIA, VA
Aug 10, 2013
Paul's Best has been mowing our lawn and doing snow removal for us for at least 5 years. They've been completely reliable and do an excellent job. While we appreciate their mowing services, we ESPECIALLY appreciate their snow removal. They are unfailingly here right after the snow stops, even if it's the middle of the night. These guys work HARD and do an excellent job.
Consumer from ARLINGTON, VA
Dec 01, 2012

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