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Consumer from Alexandria, VA
May 30, 2018
Consumer from Falls Church, VA
Jan 15, 2018
Tim Gagnon does an adequate job, but often have to contact him multiple times before he cleans the gutters.
Consumer from MC LEAN, VA
Feb 12, 2017
Not Recommended
I called Gagnon Gutters because they were close to my home and recommended. Mr. Tim Gagnon responded promptly to my emergency recall for reinstallation of a 2d story gutter swinging in front of a bay window. He assured me that he would have someone come that day, and an installer was at our house within four hours. (Fortunately, a lull in the wind had allowed me to secure the pendulum with lawn chairs against a metal fence surrounding a walk-up from the basement.) A front gutter was also made more secure. Mr. Gagnon emailed me that he would come out the following week for an estimate. His employee did not respond in English, but seemed to know what he was doing. He did not ask for payment, but Mr. Gagnon called the next day shortly before 9 am to say he would like to drop by that morning to inspect the work and to collect payment. I told him that I would not be available after noon, but that my husband would be home. Mr. Gagnon arrived at 12:05-12:10. I was annoyed with Mr. Gagnon for coming to my home at the time I was leaving, and when I said I would not be available. I have managed both of the gutter repairs on our 25 year old home, and I was delayed in leaving as I shouted instructions to my spouse and tried to direct both of them to the back of the house. Mr. Gagnon appeared at the front door a second time, and I was doubly annoyed that he did not know which gutter had been repaired and had not waited at the back of the house for my spouse.

Fortunately, I made it to my appointment in time because the lights were favorable. When I returned home, my spouse told me that the bill had been $159 -- which was appropriate -- I told him it should be about $150 as I gave him a check on my account for which he is not a co-signor -- only my name is on the check. As I had requested, my spouse had made no commitment to the installation of a new gutter until we received an estimate. Two days later, on a Sunday morning, Mr. Gagnon, who had my email, called my spouse, about 10:15-10:30 am. I was at home and answered the phone. When Mr. Gagnon, asked for my spouse, I told him that he was not available. By this time I had talked with Mr. Gagnon three times, once in person, and had received his email, and he had received my check. He asked for my spouse again, expressing the concern that he had promised my spouse that he would call him back. After Mr. Gagnon asked for my spouse a second time, I told him that any message he had for my spouse, he could give to me. Only then did he begin relating the purpose for his call, to provide the estimate. I noted to myself that his estimate was not in writing, and that I would need to confirm that via email. I also asked for an estimate for painting the fascia board before the new gutter was installed (the old one was twisted and could not be re-installed). I had asked my husband to address this issue with Mr. Gagnon, but I did not know if it had been discussed. The estimate was $75, for two coats of my preferred brand. We did not discuss who would pay for the paint, about $50 a gallon. When I started to talk about the project, he did not want to discuss the issue of priming before painting. Again, I had managed the painting of the wood trim on our all brick house, not once, but twice, and most recently 18 months before. I was interested in paying for a primer and two coats, but Mr. Gagnon would not entertain any alteration to his plan of performance because he said, he was primarily a painter. Throughout our conversation, I was interrupted by Mr. Gagnon -- we were both in a hurry, trying to get to our respective Sunday morning services, but I was under the impression that he did not like me. My caller ID prompted me to accept his call, as he had given me very good emergency service, and I wanted to be responsive. However, he insisted that I had not been "very kind" to him. I was taken aback, because I thought that I had accommodated him as well as could be expected under the circumstance of him arriving as I was leaving. And I ensured that he and my husband connected before I left the house on Friday. Moreover, I had paid him promptly upon request from my account. At the end of our conversation, I took the liberty of expressing my own concerns with his service. I noted that his employee had left the contents of our gutters in the beds surrounding the house. I did not request the gutters to be cleaned, fearing that I would be paying for services I did not need -- we have no trees near our house. However, the gutters were cleaned, and as predicted, there were no leaves, only the unexpected handfuls of asphalt grains (like heavy dark oil sands) that were dumped in the beds surrounding the house where I walk during all seasons of the year to maintain our landscaping, install holiday lights, etc. The thought of tracking this asphalt into my house and onto my wood and marble floors was annoying as it would have been easy to take this material and put it in another container upon its removal. I offered this opportunity to improve the quality of his services to Mr. Gagnon. His response was to insist that I had not been kind to him because I did not ask him to make a separate trip to my house to clean up the mess of asphalt in my flower beds. I picked it up as soon as I saw it, but I received no thanks for alerting him to this opportunity to improve service, and to avoid annoying customers, nor for picking up the asphalt. Instead, he said I was at fault for not letting him know about the problem before I corrected it. He said I was keeping him from going to his services -- and at that point he had struck out. Yes he made the team, yes he was paid for his services, but it is highly unlikely that I will call him again. First (1) after I talked with him and engaged his services, he emailed me with a plan to inspect the work and receve payment: (2) he called me again, and we agreed upon a time, but he arrived at my house after I told him I would be gone, such that he would be dealing only with my spouse; (3) he accepted my check, and then called back with an estimate to speak only with my husband, and did not respond to me via email. He blamed me for being "unkind", as an excuse for not wanting to speak with me again, when I and at least two others were inconvenienced by his late arrival time. The third time he told me that I was not nice (without regard to his late arrival, and his unwillingness to continue talking with someone who had paid his bills, and being interrupted several times -- and who is the client?), I told Mr. Gagnon that his "sexism was appalling". I related my experience to my husband, and told him that I would seek other estimates. I hope that Checkbook would have as a requirement that NONE of its listed providers would EVER insist on speaking with (1) both spouses or (2) with only the male spouse. I have been a home owner for more than 40 years, and am an accomplished home renovator. In addition, I have a degree in design, a masters in urban planning, and a law degree. I understand watershed management. I know gutters. Good luck to painter, Mr. Gagnon -- he has 14 recommendations, and I wish him well, but I wonder whether his wife and daughters, if any, were listening as he prepared to go to church. In accomplishing hundreds of thousands of dollars in renovations to our McLean home, and in maintaining its repair, I am no stranger to gender discrimination. I simply will not do business with any company that insists on meeting with my spouse as well as me. But Mr. Gagnon took this one step further -- it wasn't an estimate, a first meeting in my home, it was an established a client relationship with no question about who would pay his bills -- me. However, once he met my spouse, he threw me "off the roof".

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