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Consumer Comments for Chen Natural Medicine & Accupuncture Clinic

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Consumer from TAKOMA PARK, MD
Dec 08, 2017
Exemplary results each time I've been, a myriad of conditions helped. Drooping eyelid was improved with acupuncture. Hearing was improved with acupuncture, unbeknownst to me, the ear canal in left ear was swollen. Knee pain, sore neck,
gallstones...pain and inflammation was eliminated or otherwise problems were minimized. There are no after effects with acupuncture, no prescriptions or X-rays are ever needed. The body heads itself, acupuncture works with the body's Innate ability to heal. Acupuncture removes the obstacles so healing can begin. Dr. Chen is an expert acupuncture practitioner who listens.
Consumer from TAKOMA PARK, MD
Jun 23, 2017
Dr. Chen has healing hands, is a wonderful acupuncturist. I've been to four others over the years, each has had his own 'signature', would recommend any of them highly, But, Dr, Chen is the best. He listens to the reason for today's visit, and goes straight to work. I was healed from a 35 year pain in my back caused by automobile accident. Dr. Chen used cupping. It released the pain within moments. On another visit, my sore neck of long standing was gone due to his placement of the needles and a vigorous neck massage with Chinese tincture. Another visit, my complaint was loss of healing in my left year. After the accupuncture, swelling in the ear canal that I didn't know I had, subsided, twenty percent improvement to my hearing. With other accupuncture, I have had good results, but practioners have not varied the techniques like Dr. Chen does. He's expert and employs a full range of healing techniques. Next I'd like him to do a technique to facial muscles, an accupuncture 'facelift'. The needles send healing energy, the body responds to the channels being opened. It's the body beautiful that heals itself...Dr. Chen knows where to put the needles to facilitate the healing. Many hospitalization plans offer accupuncture fee reimbursement. Check with yours and bug them about it if they don't have the service, they're behind the times. Instead of taking pills for chronic pain or anxiety, one can use acupuncture that gives to the source of the problem instead of masking the symptoms....I don't want pain management, I want pain elimination. A newcomer to accupuncture would feel comfortable with Dr. Chen because he is a good listener who goes straightaway to the problem, the body can heal itself from there.