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Consumer Comments for KKMI

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Consumer from SAUSALITO, CA
Aug 19, 2016
Not Recommended
First they painted the hull but put another employee next to my boat waxing another boat. My brand new paint blistered because of the wax flecks they painted over. Had to get the paint manufacturer out to prove to them it was their fault and not mine or my boat's!!
Next took the boat in for repairs (over $20,000) and while out of the water on the hard the rub rail was damaged (probably hit by a lift truck or towmotor). They denied it was their fault - said the wood was rotten on the inside where it couldn't be seen and then got crushed by a sling. I had the wood cut out and it showed no rot. Still they denied fault. I had paid with credit card so I called the bank and put a hold on the payment. KKMI then agreed to pay for repairs ($600). So for $600 out of a $20,000 job they lost a customer and earned a bad reputation.
Consumer from Novato, CA
Feb 09, 2016