Want an easy way to save hundreds of dollars on (almost) new designer-brand shoes? Fix the ones you already own. A top shoe repair shop can recondition shoes to make them almost as good as new, last as long as new ones, and feel more comfortable than new shoes.

Before having your shoes repaired, decide whether it’s worth the price. A well-cared-for $200 pair of leather shoes that survives several sets of soles and heels will be worth repairing. Repair inexpensive shoes, on the other hand, only if they have sentimental value.

To decide whether a repair makes sense, you’ll want to talk with a top-rated shop about the cost, how well the job can be done, and how long the shoes are likely to last. For jobs other than simple resoling and reheeling, you’ll probably benefit by talking with a few shops. You may find several different ways to solve your problem—at substantially different costs. You also may get differing opinions as to how successfully the job can be done.

You’ll also want to compare costs from shop to shop. Our shoppers found prices sometimes differ dramatically. You can consult our Ratings Tables to find shops that quoted low prices to our shoppers—and to find shops rated highly by their customers.