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Consumer from WASHINGTON, DC
Apr 19, 2016
Not Recommended
I met with architect to discuss a large project on my house that included remodeling on all floors, as well to discuss solutions for back yard. Architect responded promptly to my email inquiry and visited my property. Architect seemed quiet and courteous. He provided three references, cost estimates and sample of agreement/contract. After verifying all information provided, following stood out. (0) Two references seemed from personal friends (for whom the work was done), the third reference seemed "independent". (1) Delivery design and drawings reportedly took months (~4-6 months or so; references just couldn't be more specific). (2) Cost estimates were given without clear delivery schedule (even though delivery times were discussed during initial encounter). (3) Back yard work was not included in the cost estimates (reasons unknown). (4) Contract/agreement was provided which heavily benefited the architect, offering little protection to the owner. I compared contract wording to sample contracts provided by AIA organization on their website. The contract was not clear on what services are being delivered, at what schedule and at what level of quality, and following which design/architecture (zoning) codes (e..g local DC government or some other codes). Furthermore, the contract did not specify what constitutes architect's breech of the agreement and what are the consequences for the architect. Lastly, it seems that the architect owned the drawings, and not the owner (what does the owner pay for then?).

I met with Architect again to discuss my concerns and though Architect did acknowledge that the contract was written "to protect him", it didn't seem he was open to the idea of making the contract more balanced by establishing responsibilities for the owner AND the architect. I modified the agreement and truly paid attention that the risk and responsibilities are equally shared. I also specified deliverable schedule based on our initial discussion. After having emailed him revised version of the contract, I was told that these are comprehensive changes and in the meantime (in about a week) he signed onto 2 (two) other big projects. I never heard back from him again.

Contract is the most important aspect of any work, because it represents a framework for the work, delivery, schedule(!), quality, guidelines/zone codes followed. Also, contract also sets out rules on what happens if things go wrong at any stage.

If the party is unable to put in writing what they promise in words, what is the credibility of such party?