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Consumer Comments for Vitas Hospice Service

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Consumer from Washington, DC
Sep 21, 2018
Not Recommended
Some of the aides and nurses were superb. They tended to be the people called in for an emergency or special situation. The typically assigned staff were anywhere from ok to one exceptionally cold aide who just kept saying huh and walked away to do something else. He handled my spouse roughly. After about 2 weeks we were able to have him replaced. The patient, my spouse, was not capable of speaking loudly at that point so the aide should have come closer to hear rather than saying huh and walking away. In the 1st introductory meeting the Case Mgr. saw fit to bring up the "death rattle"! Not very sensitive to say the least. It was totally unnecessary and didn't apply to what we were discussing. She also was pretty huffy to me although she was nice to my spouse. The social worker was superb. They struggled with varying success to come often enough as well. So there was an F aide, an A+ aide, a C case manager, and the occasional A+ nurse or aide who came during emergencies. The person who came at night after my spouse passed away to pronounce death was a C minus. It was a mix of a few sublime people counterbalanced by mediocre to worse.
Consumer from Arlington, VA
Sep 06, 2018