laptopMoney Magazine wrote::
... MONEY [had] correspondents in five cities comparison shop three internet buyers [Auto-by-tel, AutoVantage, and CarPoint] vs. CarBargains. The result: In nine out of ten comparisons, the lowest CarBargains bid beat the lowest Internet bid, even after adding in the service fee.
Kiplinger's Buyer's Guide wrote:
...CarBargains has gotten lower price quotes than other car-buying services in several consumer tests, including a test conducted by Kiplinger Personal Finance Magazine.
Mark Eskeldsen wrote:
...CarBargains not only produces a good price, it also spares the consumer the hassles and high-pressure sales tactics." ---from What Car Dealers Don't Want You to Know
ABC's 20/20 said:
...CarBargains, a non-profit buying service, got the best deal-- $3,000 off the sticker price."
Money Magazine wrote:
...While the warehouse clubs consistently knocked at least $500 off the list price, CarBargains beat them in nine out of 10 comparisons by margins ranging from $270 to $1,350, even after adding in service fee."
Motor Trend wrote:
...CarBargains delivered the best new-car price in our search."
Jack Gillis writes:
...We believe it's a great value." from The Car Book