Websites like TrueCar promise low, upfront vehicle pricing. But these companies don’t deliver—they just sell your info to dealerships and other third parties looking for sales leads.TrueCar advertises it will help you “Find a Great Price on the Vehicle You Want” but it doesn’t deliver the lowest prices. TrueCar’s dealership clients aren’t paying it for the right to serve consumers the best deals.

There’s a better way to buy: Force new-car dealers to bid competitively for your business. By taking control of the transaction, you’ll avoid hassles and get the best possible price.

Since 1991, Checkbook’s CarBargains service has helped more than 100,000 consumers score the lowest possible prices on new cars by initiating competitive bidding among local dealerships. For the last three years, the prices obtained by CarBargains for its customers always beat the lowest prices offered by dealers listed with TrueCar. On average, prices obtained by CarBargains beat TrueCar’s by an average of nearly $1,600 per car.

Collecting competing bids from dealerships is not complicated; you have to be careful and persistent, but you don’t have to know the car business to do it. In this articles below we tell you how.

If you want help, we charge $250 for the CarBargains service ($225 for Checkbook subscribers); if you want to lease, we charge $375 ($340 for Checkbook subscribers). Click here for more info on our program, or call 800-475-7283.