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Areas Served by American Home Center:

  • Alexandria
  • Anne Arundel Co.
  • Arlington Co.
  • DC–NE
  • DC–NW
  • DC–SE
  • DC–SW
  • Fairfax Co.
  • Howard Co.
  • Loudoun Co.
  • Montgomery Co.
  • Prince George's Co.
  • Prince William Co.

Types of windows company installs:

  • Installs doors
  • Installs fiberglass windows
  • Installs vinyl windows
  • Installs wood windows

Consumer Comments for American Home Center

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Consumer from Gaithersburg, MD
Feb 26, 2020
I interacted with this company recently, which was unfortunately an experience in sharp contrast with my interactions over the last thirteen years of doing business with them. I'm still scratching my head wondering why the technical representative I spoke with was so off the rails.

I presume the man I spoke with was a senior technical/field professional since he boasted about doing residential windows since the 1980s and had pretty much seen everything under the sun with respect to windows.

Our conversation got off to a rocky start with him speaking in a raised voice (I had to hold my cellphone at least one foot away from my ear). And he was generally defensive about every inquiry and question I had.

It was one of the most bizarre conversations I have ever had with a company. The best way to describe it is through analogies.

If you have ever been to a doctor who doesn't appreciate too many questions; and isn't especially fond of you having done your own research/analysis to the point of asking informed what-about-X questions, you have a sense of the experience.

Additionally, nearly every inquiry/question raised was thrown back. User error - e.g. not properly handling windows causing upper sash to not be secure; to home issues (too much humidity, cold spots, moist spots, too much humidification, too little de-humidification, etc.). Sort of like the computer technician you have the misfortune of dealing with who "explains" all your problems on your end.

And through it all, even after informing him that I was an engineer who understands condensation and thermal dynamics, he couldn't help but condescendingly repeat multiple times, "windows don't produce water," which is as useless as repeating stones don't produce blood.

And this conversational fiasco wouldn't be complete without an insult. When I mentioned to him a SELF-conducting of thermal imaging to see if there were any EGREGIOUS window cold spots that stood out, he said it would serve no purpose; and I wouldn't be competent to do it besides.

After all of this, without an ounce of apology or shame, this representative offered to come out to my home anyway even after this "how not to deal with loyal customers" exchange. Which, in the final analogy, is comparable to my experience with a local barber who cut my ear and then offered a discount for future service as recompense.

In the end, the once solid relationship bridge to this company was damaged by a representative with apparently too little patience and too much ego. As a result, I can no longer, in good faith, recommend this company to friends or strangers as I am no longer sure what kind of service they will receive.

Firm's Response:
We are very sorry for the customer’s experience. We’re usually known for our exceptional customer service and we regret that we didn’t live up to those expectations here. We understand there is always room for improvement and strive to improve each day. We have done three separate jobs for this client over the last 13 years and whenever he has contacted us, we always have addressed any concerns immediately. The conversation was left that he was going to inspect his windows and get back to us to set a time for a technician to come out if needed. We will respond in a professional manner.

Consumer from Gaithersburg, MD
Feb 15, 2020
My parents and neighbors both used AHC to replace their windows, so they were always on my list of potential vendors. After receiving quotes from other companies, not only was AHC the most competitive, but also the company I felt the most comfortable with. Joy the scheduler is a joy (no pun intended) to work with. She is super responsive! I had 17 windows replaced in the summer and in a few weeks they'll replace my two sliding glass doors. Enthusiastically recommend this family owned business to anyone.
Consumer from Highland, MD
Jan 20, 2020
Wonderful, highly recommend!

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