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Consumer from ALEXANDRIA, VA
Feb 25, 2010


- Convenient location and hours - Has successfully treated athletes from different sports and levels of ability: professional football players, fitness competitors, law enforcement, military,… - He is a DC (Dr. of Chiropractic) - He is 1 of only 3 in VA who is fully certified to specialize in spinal AND extremity adjusting (http://www.councilonextremityadjusting.com)

I had been exercising intensely for 2 months when my legs gave out. I went to see a respectable MD who misdiagnosed me. He gave me braces to wear for a month and told me to just rest. I followed his advice, but the pain instantly reappeared when I started exercising again. Dr. Bills discovered that my legs were slightly deformed and that my biomechanics were off and had been my whole life. No other doctor (nor I) had ever caught that before! After my first treatment, I instantly had increased range of motion and much less pain. Once I became pain-free, he followed up with appropriate exercises for effective, long term maintenance.
Consumer from FALLS CHURCH, VA
Sep 15, 2009
Dr Heath Bills runs his fabulous practice from his offices located inside the Jungles Gym building, second floor. Dr Bills not only listens and really cares about helping you get better, he also takes a wholistic approach. He combines elements of PT, chirpractic car, massage, and other techniques to get you better. His scheduling is flexible, and I really appreciate that he take shis time with each patient. He is also very attuned to "real life" - he will work with you and your lifestyle, not just tell you to "rest it for 2 months." Being an athlete himself, I feel he understands that stopping all activity is not practical. I have also found that he will recommend additional consultation and treatment by other medical professionals if he feels it is needed.
Consumer from SPRINGFIELD, VA
Sep 11, 2007
Dr. Bills does a great job. His quality of care is excellent -- he spends a lot of time with each patient for every visit. I highly recommend his services.
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