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Consumer from BRISTOW, VA
Oct 01, 2011
Not Recommended
I hired Mow Cow for several projects on the exterior of my house including build a fence, strip / stain and replace several planks on my deck and lay sod in the backyard. Our sales representative, Robert Honaker, met with us and gave us an estimate on the work. Since there were so many individual elements to deal with, he assured me he would be present at the site when the work began to ensure everything would be done according to what we discussed. That was the last time we heard from or saw him. He was completely unresponsive to the many phone calls and messages that were left for him over the course of 3 months. The problems with the company started on day 1 when my wife called the Mow Cow office to discuss the timeline for the project. The representative at the office had no guidance as to when our projects would begin and offered no information about what to expect. We never even saw or signed a final contract for the work. Our first problem arose when they came to strip our deck. We never received information from the office as to when they would start the work, and one morning, as I was leaving for work, I had someone from Mow Cow at my front door looking to strip my deck. I allowed them to start the work even though there would be no one home to oversee the work. When I returned, I found that only half the deck was completed. I called Mow Cow to explain the situation and set up an appointment to have them come and finish the job correctly. I asked them to let me know when they would be sending someone so I could be home to oversee the work, and again, received no notice. Within a few days, someone arrived to re-strip the deck without any notification. I once again allowed them to perform the work and again found that they did not complete the job. I once again called the company and asked them to come back and complete the job and be notified when they would be coming. They assured me I would be contacted within a few days to let me know when they would come back. Several days later, I still heard nothing. When I called the company to follow-up I found out that they forgot put in a work order. I then took it upon myself to complete the stripping. The next stage of work where we faced issues was with the fence installation. Again, we kept calling to see when they would begin the project and were never given a straight answer. One day, early in the morning, they showed up without any notice to begin the work. It was pure luck that we were home because they came with the wrong materials which would have led to an issue with my Home Owners Association. We informed the workers the fence needed to match the current fence so several of them left to pick up the correct planks. At this point, I demanded to have our representative Robert come to the site to make things right and discuss my concerns. I called the office and they made an appointment for Robert to visit us later that day. I took the remainder of the day off from work in order to meet with him. The appointment time came and went and when I contacted the office to see where Robert was, they informed me that he decided he could not come by. When asked why I was not notified they couldn’t give me a straight answer. It was then that my wife called the owner, Richard, to file a complaint. She left a voicemail explaining the situation and never heard back. The final stage of the project was staining the deck. They showed up again without notice and didn’t bring enough supplies to complete the job. I sent them away asking them to come back when they had the proper supplies. I called the office again requesting to be notified when they would return. Again, without any notification they arrived and stained most of the deck. When I arrived home from work I noticed they missed the entire right side of the deck facing my neighbor and several other smaller spots. Again, I was back on the phone with the office trying to get this corrected. It took several weeks of me calling to have someone come and touch up the missed areas. During this time frame they were also supposed to send a crew to put on the second coat which they never came. I ended up spending several weekends putting on the second coat.