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Consumer from MERRIFIELD, VA
Dec 30, 2011
Okay. I found this company from I have had an ABSOLUTE nightmare with all of my tv equipment ever since Griffin Audio, LLC came to my house to install cabling and to move all of my audio equipment from my family room to my garage and to program remotes. We have a Denon Receiver, Verizon FiOS, a laptop we wanted to watch movies on from our plasma screen tv, 8 different speaker zones running througout our house, and a Blueray player. After spending thousands on labor with Griffin Audio, LLC, nothing worked. I was at my wit's end. First of all, Johnny Smith, from IQ Home Entertainment, KNOWS his stuff. He asked me about all of the equipment I had, the model of my smart television, and then what remote I currently was using. I even sent him a picture of our setup in our garage. At least he was honest when he basically told me that the Logitech Remote Control that I purchased was CRAP. And at least Johnny made recommendations that were sound (no pun intended here). Johnny sent me information on what they recommended, which was the Universal Remote, MX-880, and they use a radio frequency interface where the remote works EVERYWHERE in your house. You don't even have to aim it at the tv. Phong, one of his employees, set the entire system up in 90 minutes. Yes, only 90 minutes, and the remote is so cool and easy to use that a 2 year old could figure it out. The user interface is sooooo easy. All you do is use 2 buttons, "watch" or "listen" and then boxes come up depending on what you have. Watch Blueray, Watch TV, Watch PPV (pay per view), Watch DVR, etc. The listen button enables me to select if I want to listen to the tv in surround sound mode or in other zones in my house, and it also has a button to press if I want to listen to the radio. Then, as I am typing this, Johnny Smith called me to find out if their services and the installation met my needs. Amazing follow-up. Amazing company. They are so responsive, they ask intelligent questions, they are professional, and they get the job done in no time. I would HIGHLY recommend this company. When I called complaining on a Wednesday, they were at my house on Friday morning and had everything done, fixed, cleaned up, in 90 minutes! In fact, Phong arrived 15 minutes early. AMAZING!!!!! I only wish, in hindsight, that I would have known about this company a year ago, because I would have used them to install my entire system in my house!!!!
Consumer from ALEXANDRIA, VA
Jul 20, 2011
Apr 21, 2010