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Consumer Comments for Salon Virage

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Consumer from WASHINGTON, DC
Jan 07, 2016
Consumer from MC LEAN, VA
Sep 23, 2015
Not Recommended
My experience was that stylist Fadi was incompetent, my dark blond hair in which I get lightening highlights was overprocessed and I looked like a clown after he was done with me. The color looked off when I left the salon but it was impossible to really appreciate it because they have blinding lighting. When I saw it in the light at home I was in tears... absolutely incompetent job. Nobody would want this color, literally nobody. Also, this wasn't a matter of a tweak or change I'd like next time, I understand that a stylist getting it how we like it may be a process, but this was simply an epic fail. I was and would never let Fadi touch me again. I've gotten highlights by a half-dozen stylists over the course of 20 years and this was the only epic failure I've experienced. My family joked about my hair, it was just plain horrible (bright orange when wet, brassy when dry, and really dried out). I realized after this experience by paying attention to my next stylist and asking around that he left toner on my head at least three times longer than any stylist ever had. In fact, I was surprised after he finished with me that he told me I couldn't wash my hair for a day... never heard that after highlights. My head burned, but I did what I was told and to this day don't know if that was the right decision. Also found that he was what I perceived to be a price gamer. I had researched on Angie's List and with a person I knew who used the salon, as well as on their website, and thought I had a clear idea of what the costs were. I'm, thankfully, not someone who has had a problem with being price gauged. Ultimately, Fadi made up a price for me (literally, I had to stand at the desk with the receptionist looking furtively over at him, he then came over when it suited him and took a page from a stack of scratch paper, reflected and wrote a series of numbers down). Ultimately he tried to charge me more than my friend paid for both a cut and highlights (I got no cut), PLUS he charged $35 to blow dry my hair. When I commented that the pricing was higher than listed and higher than charged to the client who referred me he took a bit off, but I was floored. Sleazy and the $35 to blow dry just highlighted hair, beyond the pale. Not part of the posted pricing and not disclosed (I would have refused!). He also didn't charge my friend for a blow dry. Bottom line is there are much classier salons out there, where pricing is transparent and nobody is out to gauge anybody who is naïve enough to think they'll be dealt with similarly to other customers. Thankfully, I've since gone to PR Partners in McLean and both stylists I've seen there, got my hair right and gorgeous on the first try and the pricing was exactly as posted with no funny business.