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Consumer from Bristow, VA
Mar 13, 2016
Consumer from WOODBRIDGE, VA
Oct 09, 2015
Not Recommended
This company used to be good, but their service and ability to diagnose a basic irrigation issue on a system they installed is horrifying at this point. We called them out to fix a pressure issue with the system when we tried to turn it on this year. Technician came on first visit, spent 2 minutes and said the backflow needed to be rebuilt, he didn't have any parts on him so could not do it at that visit 110 bill later (mind you they rebuilt it 7 years earlier on the 1st visit for the exact same issue). Came on the 2nd visit, rebuilt the backflow (still didn't work) and said now there are valves stuck that are causing the problem and they would need to reschedule another appointment to fix those (they had no parts with them to fix it) 250 dollas later AND it had to be paid for them to agree to schedule the 3rd visit. Came on the 3rd visit with valves in hand but said they couldn't fix the valves b/c it needed a whole new backflow (of course he didn't have one with him) and left me a bill for another 110 dollas. By this point, I lost confidence that the technician was even capable of diagnosing or fixing the problem. I called and spoke to a woman who answered the phone who was less than accommodating (and acted very much like a gatekeeper), and I requested to speak to the owner so I could get a sense that 1) he knew what was going on with these multiple visits that should have been handled on the 1st visit had they brought basic parts with them; 2) so I could gain some confidence that they could actually fix the problem; and 3) to address why I needed to pay whopping service visit fees each time they came out due simply to their inability to diagnose properly and carry basic parts and when no service was being performed (system still didn't turn on). As far as I could tell, the need for multiple additional new visits with no resolution was inevitably on the horizon. Office mgr (instead of the owner) calls back and says I don't have to pay 1 service fee, and that she would be glad to reschedule for them to come out for the 4th visit. She then explains that the owner is very busy, so it would be difficult for him to return my call. I respectfully requested AGAIN that the owner return my call so this could be discussed. No call for a week, I called and spoke to the same gatekeeper and again requested a call from the owner to discuss. No call for a week again, and I again requested a call back from the owner to discuss. After another week went by, I gave up. I researched and called another irrigation company to come out and fix the problem explaining the problem as I did initially to Rick Carney, and he came out 2 days later, fixed the problem, and charged 1/2 the price that I had already paid to Rick Carney and we are now up and running (it's Fall now, and this process started 3 months ago). This is absolute ridiculous customer service and shoddy diagnosing skills. Horrible Horrible company and service now.
Consumer from Washington, DC area
Jul 31, 2012
Not Recommended

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