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Consumer from SPRINGFIELD, VA
Sep 02, 2012
Company has now changed name to Gutter Ethics
Consumer from Washington, DC area
Sep 09, 2011
Not Recommended
When I hired this company by phone to clean out our gutters and sweep off our flat roofs, I was impressed by the price and the professionalism of the person I spoke to. During that conversation, I was assured that they would remove all debris from the premises. Since I had guests arriving a few days before the cleaning, having the debris removed was very important. We had just finished cleaning up and re-mulching the yard and installing new planters in front of the house. Everything looked great, and we wanted to keep it that way for our guests.

On Friday when the appointment was scheduled between 9:00 and 12:00, I and my guests received a call at 11:55 telling us they would not be at our house until later that day. They had, in fact, just started another job in Manassas when they called. So, we had sat there all morning for no reason, and, clearly, Gutter Magic could have called much sooner to tell us they would not be there within the scheduled timeframe. We had things to do, so we left the house and came back later in the evening. It turns out that not being there to supervise Gutter Magic was a huge mistake.

We returned that evening to find that all the debris from the roof and gutters and been swept into the new flower boxes—badly damaging the plants—and into the freshly mulched yard. There was also debris hanging from the upstairs balconies, smeared all over the gutter downspouts, front and back of the house and garage, and coating the BBQ grill that we had just cleaned up for use that evening. We now had a yard that was, on all sides of the house and garage—full of acorns, leaves, and sticks.

Because we have two flat roofed structures (as was discussed with Gutter Magic during the initial call), and our house is surround by very large, overhanging trees, several of which are oak, there is always a large amount of acorns, sticks, and leaves on both structures. It simply cannot be avoided. We have the roofs and gutters cleaned several times a year to deal with the issue. So, Gutter Magic was not confronted with anything unusual given the circumstances. However, instead of removing the debris as promised, they simply deposited it all over our house, yard, etc. They didn’t even dump it all on one side of each structure to make the mess less widespread. They literally dumped it all round the house, front, back, and sides, and all around the detached garage, leaving us with an enormous mess.

Upon finding the mess, I immediately called Gutter Magic and explained the problem. I was told very curtly and rudely that “removing all debris” only meant sweeping it off porches and walkways, and if I wanted more than that, I would have to pay a lot more. Of course, no options were presented to me when I hired them, and it was never explained that removing all debris from the premises really just meant sweeping it into my yard and dumping it into my planters. Due to my then obvious displeasure, Gutter Magic dropped the charges for the service, which was fair given the failure to perform as promised. There was not, however, any offer to come clean up the mess, so my guests and I spent the next day cleaning it all up ourselves.

If Gutter Magic needs to charge more to actually remove the debris, then they should tell customers that fact upfront and give customers the opportunity to choose which level of service they desire. They should explain that “removing all debris” really just means sweeping it into your yard, and wherever else it fell is strictly your problem. I suspect that what really happened here was that Gutter Magic was running behind and trying to get too many jobs done before the hurricane, which was due to arrive the following night. Instead of rescheduling jobs and doing the work right, they cut corners and hoped no one would complain.

We will not be hiring this company again. If necessary, I will pay more to get reliable, courteous service.
Consumer from FAIRFAX, VA
Dec 01, 2010

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