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Gutterman Services

45888 Woodland Rd
Sterling, VA 20166571-287-2777



Consumer Comments for Gutterman Services

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Consumer from HERNDON, VA
Dec 17, 2010
Not Recommended
I DO NOT RECOMMEND GUTTERMAN SERVICES! Their pricing is outrageous!

I needed my house power washed and Gutterman quoted a price of $525! Their website states the scrub every inch of the house first, then power wash…unlike their competitors that just power wash. And they have a special truck that heats the water to hot water wash your better. Once again, this is something there competitors do not have that sets Gutterman aside.

But their competitors are $200-$325 cheaper! But Gutterman stated they provide extra service/value adds that their competitors don't, why they charge higher. And they claim competitors could damage my house, due to technique competitors use.

I unfortunately had Gutterman recently clean the exterior of my KGuard gutters they installed.

I asked the gutter cleaning technician if he also was the one that power washed house siding and he said yes. I asked him if Gutterman scrubbed every inch of the house (like their website states) and he said no. That it would take them all day if they had to scrub the house.

He asked me who told me they scrubbed the me wrong information? I told him it’s on Gutterman’s website, and printed out the webpage for him to bring back to their office.

Asked him also about the heated water used and he said no need to use heated water.

So let's see...they claim on website they hand scrub every inch of siding but actually do not! The claim they hot water wash the house but actual do not!

They also claim they wash up on ladders and not from the ground and spray up. Can't vouch for whether they really use the this point, don't know if I'd give them benefit of doubt based on other things they claim but don't do.

I asked the competitors about the hot water wash and they all said it made no difference...just a marketing gimmick.

And the competitors laughed at the pricing Gutterman quoted...that it was outrageous.

Needless to say...I didn't go with Gutterman to power wash my siding.

But let me tell you about how they handled the gutter exterior cleaning job...performed by same guy that cleans the siding.

I have their covered K-Guard gutters and the gutters have been up about 7 years. The gutters became extremely dirty with black mold coating the exterior. I did not have any gutter stoppage or other drainage issues.

Called Gutterman to get an estimate for cleaning the exteriors and if needed, the interior of the gutters. $248!!! $2 per linear foot!

I was told that if anyone else works on the gutters that the lifetime warranty (by Gutterman) would be void.

When I asked what was included to justify such a high price I was told that Gutterman applies solution and then hand wipes the gutters, power washes the gutters, and takes off the gutter covers/hoods to inspect the interior, and if needed, cleans the insides out too.

I agreed to Gutterman’s high price (didn’t want to void warranty) and I believed the extra work of removing all the covers somewhat justified the price.

Gutterman told me I didn’t need to be home and now I know why! I watched the service techs power wash the gutters, didn’t see any wiping of the gutters being done, and they didn’t remove the gutter covers and didn't clean the insides. Basically all I got was a power wash job (which the house siding power washers would have included in their price to clean my siding).

Gutterman finished the job, loaded up their truck and left. Never knocked on door to ask me if everything looked OK. It did not! The undersides of the gutters were still stained/dirty and the spouts hadn’t been touched/cleaned either.

I called Gutterman and they apologized and said they would send tech back out again. The spouts they said are not included, that it would be another $140 to clean the spouts. That’s ridiculous the spouts were not included. I turned down the spout cleaning.

Gutterman called back and told me the tech would be back early the next morning, I was 2nd on the schedule. I waited around all day for Gutterman, no show. Finally at 4:20, as I was getting ready to leave, Gutterman showed up. NO CALL DURING THE DAY TO TELL ME THEY WERE DELAYED…that would amount to customer service!

The same tech who did the first cleaning was the guy they sent…and seemed to have a bit of an attitude. He told me that wiping the gutters clean was not included in the $248 price, that it usually is another $1.00 per linear foot to wipe them clean! He seemed really testy about this and said, “Hey, it’s not your fault, the office should have told you that wiping the gutters is $1 extra per linear foot.”

That $1 extra per linear foot would be another $124! WHY WOULD ANY REPUTABLE COMPANY LEAVE A JOB SITE WITH THE GUTTERS HALF CLEANED! “Yes, I would love to spend $248 and then have to climb a ladder myself to clean the part of the gutters your tech did not”!

I also had an issue with my gutters being scratched which they denied doing, but admitted it was ladder marks, and new scratches. The tech was nice and offered touch up paint for the gutters…but then forgot to touch up the gutters or leave the paint, or note on the ticket to send me the touch up paint. GO FIGURE!

So let’s see what this job would have ended up costing me based on these add-ons…$248 + $140 + $124 = $512 to clean the exteriors of my gutters.

AND ONCE AGAIN, THEY DIDN’T TAKE OFF ALL THE GUTTER COVERS. They did agree, finally, to open up one cover and take PHOTOS to show me the inside of the gutters were not dirty or coated too. OH GUESS WHAT, THEY NEVER SENT ME THE PHOTOS!

To top it off, the technician while he was cleaning the gutters asked me if I wanted him to power wash the house too, for $400 he would do it. Guess I would have been a big sucker if I had agreed to the $525 price they quoted me on the phone. He said he could do cheaper since they were already there…but the $525 price quoted by the office for the siding power wash had the work being done at same time of gutter cleaning.

He did hand wipe the gutters and got them clean. Can’t vouch for how clean inside gutters are, since I never saw photos.

You would think Gutterman’s customer service department would check back with me (since I didn’t sign off a completed work order) to make sure everything was OK…guess again, haven’t heard anything from them.

But what a bad experience! Especially from a company that installed my gutters originally (even though they had to come back and correct a drainage problem due to them changing the original spouts we agreed on) and one that I’ve had pleasant dealings with.

They offer many value-adds and then don’t perform these! If you’re not going to do it, don’t promise it! Or include it in your marketing or sales pitch.

MY ADVICE…USE SOMEONE ELSE FOR YOUR SIDING POWER WASH AND/OR GUTTER CLEANING! Maybe this type of job is "more of a pain for them" then it's worth (or the opportunity cost of doing more profitable gutter install or roof work) they price this job very high.

While I can't rate their siding power wash service since I didn't go with Gutterman...I would expect their service to compare with the job they did on my gutter exterior cleaning.

One other tidbit...they required a credit card before performing any service. Guess they didn't trust me, have had problems with people not paying, or have had payment issues due to quality of service.

Gave them credit card info...then after the job received an invoice in the mail. When I called to ask whether they billed my credit card or was I to remit payment from the invoice received...I was told the girl that handles billing was out...but I could leave voicemail for her. I did and it stated she would call you back ASAP. It's almost a week and still never heard back from her. Left in my message that things didn't go right...thought maybe customer service manager might call...guess again!
Consumer from HERNDON, VA
Aug 03, 2010
I have been using Gutterman for gutter cleaning and installation, but they also do power washing. The house looked great after washing.