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Areas Served by General Electric:

  • Alexandria
  • Anne Arundel Co.
  • Arlington Co.
  • DC–NE
  • DC–NW
  • DC–SE
  • DC–SW
  • Fairfax Co.
  • Howard Co.
  • Loudoun Co.
  • Montgomery Co.
  • Prince George's Co.
  • Prince William Co.

Types of appliances company repairs:

  • Electric dryers
  • Electric ranges
  • Freezers
  • Garbage disposers
  • Gas dryers
  • Gas ranges
  • Dishwashers
  • Refrigerators
  • Washing machines

Consumer Comments for General Electric

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Consumer from Broadlands, VA
Oct 17, 2023
Technician arrived 30 minutes after I called and completed the repair requested. He also followed up later in the day to be sure the dishwasher was working properly.
Consumer from Mc Lean, VA
Jul 07, 2023
My experience with GE service suggests that GE’s corporate compliance staff and state and federal regulatory authorities should investigate the DC area service office for blatant misconduct involving fraud and unfair and deceptive acts and practices. I am sending them the following chronology which summarizes my experience. Several weeks after purchase, I realized my new induction cooktop was not operating correctly and I called GE Appliance Repair to report three separate issues: (1) on one occasion the unit stopped working at all until I turned the circuit off and then back; (2) the largest burner did not heat properly and could not boil water; and (3) one of the burners on the left side would turn off if the other burner on that side was also on. The rep advised that the nature of the issues precluded trying to troubleshoot over the phone and required a repair visit. She said the first available one would be two weeks later between 1 to 5 pm, so I took it. When no one had showed up near the end of that day, I called to confirm the appointment. I was told it was canceled when someone called to troubleshoot and was advised the appointment was no longer needed. This was clearly a lie. I advised the rep I was home that day and no one had called, which my phone logs confirmed. However, the rep advised there was nothing she could do and the next available time was in two weeks, which she scheduled. When a repair tech came for that first visit he hooked up the computer to the cooktop and confirmed I needed a new computer panel which would be mailed directly to me and he could not schedule a return visit until I received it. A week later, I received an email from FEDEX stating the part was out for delivery, so I called GE service to schedule service and was advised it was already scheduled two weeks later. I asked whether it could be sooner, but I was told it could not because it was a 2 person job. I said I had not received any notice of the appointment, so the rep sent me one. A further two week delay was disappointing, but more concerning was that the package was left on my front stoop later that day completely open. I took pictures showing the open sides on the box and the meager and clearly poor taping job. I also unexpectedly received a second box from the Roper Corp two days later with a plastic part I did not recognize, but I googled Roper Corp and I learned it was a GE affiliate. GE’s website gave an ETA from 12:30 to 3:30 for the third appointment, but a tech called at 9:30 am that day to say he was on the way. He came alone and when I asked him whether it was a two man job he said the original tech would be coming, if necessary. He had no idea about what the problem was (he thought it was a cracked cooktop), so I told him the three problems referenced above. He then put pots with about an inch of water on three burners and pronounced them working because they were buzzing. I told him that they might seem to be heating an inch of water, but they did not heat a pot of water and that the first tech had hooked up a computer and confirmed they were not working properly. He said he had 20 years of experience, did not need a computer top see if it was working, and that I could keep the part, but he could not repair the unit under warranty while it was working . I then filled up a pot of water and put it on the large burner to show him it would not heat up. Next, I put two pots of water on the left-side burners and showed him how one kept turning off. He reluctantly agreed the unit needed to be replaced and said he would return later that day with the original tech. The original tech came later, but the first tech that day never returned. The first tech managed to remove the cooktop and replace it with the replacement panel without the boob who first came that day and tried to claim all was well. However, after replacement, none of the burners worked. Each one immediately turned off after the tech tried to turn each one on. The tech then told me that he replaced the induction board, but that he had also ordered a new touch panel, which was not sent. He said that there had been an update in the parts and that I may need both so they could communicate together. He called a GE employees only tech line and, after he waited on hold for about 20 minutes, he advised me they had sent the wrong induction board. I asked him to put the old one back in so at least I could have a working burner and, after calling his manager to get approval for extra time on the call, he did so. GE service – a brutal mix of lies and incompetence.
Consumer from Reston, VA
Apr 09, 2023
We had four visits in an attempt to repair our refrigerator. The thoroughness varied depending the technician who showed up. They did not have in stock even what seemed to be a common part. Ultimately concluded that the problem was not repairable. Despite this, the reason that I will recommend the service is that their attitude was "we will do what it takes to make this right." There was no charge for the last two visits (including several new parts they tried) and, upon request, GE customer service refunded the cost of the part installed during the first visit.

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