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Consumer from Washington, DC
Nov 07, 2017
Consumer from CENTREVILLE, VA
May 11, 2016
Not Recommended
TL;DR This was our first home inspection, so maybe we were expecting too much, but I am disappointed and I will not recommend Pro-Spex based on my experience. A few months later I found a different inspection company for a family member and the experience was night and day better for her. And I think you can do better too. 

It's been one year since our Glen came over to inspect a two story townhome. We paid $545 for an inspection and radon check. We then purchased the home in June 2015. I chose Pro-Spex because of their stellar online reviews on Angie's List, Yelp, Google, Redfin, etc. I also was really attracted to their use of technology to improve the inspection experience. 

Looking back, I wonder if Glen was just having a really bad day, but that still doesn't explain everything. Glen showed up a few minutes late and, right away, we had an incident where Glen accidentally put his ladder through his truck's dash window. Not a great start, but he felt he could continue and remain focused so we did. 

To Glen's credit he found several things that needed fixing: the AC was running poorly, the ridge vent on the roof was leaky, and the furnace exhaust was touching the sheathing. Those finds saved us nearly $5000. And for that we are grateful.  He also helped explain to me how to find certain information on our major systems (ac, furnace, etc.)

But I want to feel like my inspector is really looking out for me and my family and I didn't get that feeling. I feel like Glen was only looking for the minimum requirements. Glen doesn't write down cosmetic issues (like a florescent light cover being cracked, cracked grout/old caulking) or even mild functional ones (kitchen electrical not GFCI because that code is new and when the house was built it didn't apply, rubber washer hoses that can burst, the stair railing violates modern code -- my kids can fit through the railings and fall). Those kinds of things will not be in your report. Most of the above issues we found on our own. Glen either found them and didn't mention it or didn't check/notice. 

When I specifically brought up the kitchen GFCI Glen told me that the building code back then didn't include it. Well, ok...But why not at least tell me and write it in the report? There is a reason the code was updated in the past three decades -- kitchen electrical near water should be GFCI'd. I don't care about grandfathered code standards -- the inspection, to me, isn't about was the house built to 1988 standards. It's about how it is doing now: is it safe? Is it in good repair? Glen didn't even bring it up.

And Glen missed things too. Some things in the report were just wrong (our attic insulation isn't blown fiberglass, front door is fiberglass not steel). And others I wonder about (roof age). It's not reasonable to expect a home inspector in a few hours to find everything wrong with a home, but I think he should've found these and they should have been in the report:? 1. He missed the standing water in the gutters. The inspection pictures he took show it, but it's not in the report. They rusted out, were dripping, and had to be replaced. This was $800. Some of the adjacent trim was rotted and we had to replace it as well. 2. He missed that the galvanized steel chimney chase cover didn't cover the chimney, had rusted out and needed replacement. There were no pictures of it in the report. That was $1200. 3. He didn't check how the bathroom fans exhaust. Ours vent into the attic (at the soffit). This is a mold hazard and I'm pretty sure this is  check is part of InterNACHI inspection standards. This will be at least $600.  4. The report says our double-hung storm windows needing maintenance. No, they need replacement. Inspectors only spot check windows -- they don't check all, but I still can't figure out how he came to this conclusion. The window he opened in the master bedroom has a gap between it and the frame. Others let in snow and rain. There are lots of gaps, drafts, and bugs.  5. The cement slab in the back of the house is cracked and damaged by a nearby ash tree and it's angled weird: water flows towards the house at certain points. ? Again, I don't think it is reasonable to expect an inspector to find everything. We have had other problems with the home over the past year that I don't think an inspector would regularly find. You might feel different so I'll list some of them here:  1. The water penetration on the outside trim. Our wood chimney trim was squishy and had to be replaced.  Our front door trim and woodwork has the same issues. Had he looked at the woodwork he might have seen the large gap between it and the house or the warped looking paint. Or the chimney trim was in 1-foot lengths versus 15 foot. Still I can kind of imagine an inspector missing it. We replaced the chimney trim with AZEK for $5000. I'm not looking forward to the front door estimates.  2. Our front door (fiberglass door + glass storm door both painted black installed in 2014) got too hot and imploded/warped. The door actually cracked and the cheap paint smell permeates the house on hot days. Light streams in from under the door so you know it doesn't insulate well. This will cost $3000+ to fix. I still don't understand why the report says it's a steel door. Maybe he meant the aluminum storm door?  3. The back hose bib didn't shut off. A new valve had to be added. $120. These weren't tested.  4. He missed that our fridge is trapped. The sellers bought one that was too big, removed trim to install it and then built trim around it. To remove it we'll have to damage the wall.  5. One of the basement lights isn't wired right. One switch has to be on all the time or the light doesn't work. Who knows what's going on in the ceiling. Not all light switches are checked.  6. When it rains some of our fence boards saturate with water and curl up. It was dry when he came over.  7. Our roof had a leak last month. Damaged the insulation and ceiling. The report says our roof is 5-10 years old. Roofers seem to think the back section has 5 years left though. Hmm..  8. One of our front cement steps is hollow because it eroded. It wobbles a bit. These just weren't checked.  9. The basement toilet had a weak flush and needed a small repair. The upstairs toilet started running shortly after we moved in. That's life.  10. We had a small gas leak on the outside of the home. This happened later in the year.

Overall, Pro-Spex is probably better than average in a field with, imo, a very low bar. I found someone better and next time I'll use them. They gave my family member an impressive report and she felt like their attention to detail was top notch. They tested more and cost less. And they have a better report.
Consumer from Washington, DC area
May 17, 2015
I am a landlord/ property manager, and I've used Pro Spex exclusively for all my property inspections for years now. Always highly satisfied with their professionalism and responsiveness. Pleasant and easy to work with, extremely knowledgeable, a trusted resource.

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