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12024 Darnestown Rd
North Potomac, MD 20878301-948-8890
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Consumer Comments for Potomac Garden Center

Consumer from Gaithersburg, MD
Aug 08, 2018
I trusted Potomac Garden Center enough to purchase and have them plant multiple shrubs and trees. I started to notice some of the shrubs in year one looking poorly and assumed it was an insect infestation. This was corroborated by the garden center when I brought in a sample and was told the sample showed spider mites. I was sold a systemic insect spray which I used once in the first summer and again in the following summer since I was still seeing the infestation. When the plants continued to decline, I contacted the State Extension service. I was informed that the insects were leaf hoppers which would not kill a healthy plant and not spider mites at all. I have lost 5 pricey shrubs and one tree. The consensus is that the soil was not amended properly when the shrubs and tree were planted (by Potomac Garden Center) and since I am beyond the one-year warranty period I have no recourse except to swallow the costs and start again. This is a setback to my plans (and budget) for getting the garden in shape for my senior years when I will need to garden less physically and may even want to consider selling.
Consumer from GAITHERSBURG, MD
Sep 15, 2016
Nice nursery close to home. Nice variety of plants, and the staff is knowledgeable and helpful. The prices are higher than I like to pay, so I wait for sales. They also started offering local produce on the weekends. Their Christmas shop is also very nice.
Consumer from GAITHERSBURG, MD
Aug 10, 2015
They are very knowledgeable and have helped us several times identifying problems with our plants without expecting to be paid.
Consumer from Potomac, MD
Dec 02, 2014
Very knowledgeable staff. Wide selection of products. Only one incident where advisor was unpleasant.
Consumer from SILVER SPRING, MD
Aug 19, 2014
Employees cutting grass must be told things repeatedly and still get it wrong.
Consumer from North Potomac, MD
Dec 05, 2013
Staff recommended a product then provided incorrect information about care. It was for a gift and became a major problem. However, the owner of the company responded immediately to my concerns and successfully resolved them.
Consumer from ROCKVILLE, MD
Aug 19, 2013
After attempting to save money at Home Depot and Lowes we have come to realize that for overall value Potomac Garden Ct. is the best bet, particularly for annuals, herbs and vegetables. Their prices are significantly higher than the discount places but overall value is significantly better. This has been consistently true over the last couple of decades.
Consumer from NORTH POTOMAC, MD
Aug 16, 2013
The people at Potomac Valley know their stuff and are very good at discussing various options for landscaping. Very knowledgeable and pleasant.
Consumer from ROCKVILLE, MD
Aug 10, 2013
advice has been more than helpful and the plants that I purchased have always thrived-- they also provided helpful advice on best way to plant and prepare the soil
Consumer from Washington, DC area
May 12, 2013
I bought 5 miniature crape myrtles 'Pocomoke' there. The plants looked much better than what I found at other places and the price was 30% lower than those other places.
Consumer from GAITHERSBURG, MD
Dec 19, 2012
They had a good selection of flowering/colorful bushes. We purchased several Azaleas, Nandina and a few other small bushes for the backyard this past summer. We planted them ourselves since their cost to install seemed high compared to a few other local nurseries. Over all I was pleased with the selection available and the bushes were in good shape.
Consumer from Washington, DC area
Nov 14, 2011
price is on the high end, but so is quality
Consumer from GAITHERSBURG, MD
Sep 07, 2010
staff too lazy to help, not knowledgeable about plants, expensive but quality lacking